Everyone Tried To Shade Their Ex Online Today & Failed Epically

Another day, another embarrassing trending hashtag.

Today, Twitter users are having a field day with #TipsForDatingMyEx.

Sounds funny, right? Because everyone loves shitting on their exes as if they never shared a bed with them or had feelings for them. Normal.

And while people think they’re shading their exes hardcore by tweeting shit like “#TipsForDatingMyEx: be ready for four inches,” or “#TipsForDatingMyEx: have no standards,” they’re actually just shading themselves.

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First off, if your ex is so shitty, why did you date them?

Secondly, why is your whack ex still on your mind?

Instead of being petty, some Twitter users decided to be killjoys and tweet actual nice shit about their exes, which made all the bitter people look even worse.

People like @ahkneesuh made all the other people throwing torches look like huge assholes, and also like people who clearly aren’t over their exes. Awk!

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Bottom line: if you’re still talking about your ex online, you’re clearly not over them, or you’re immature af. If you’re going to take to any form of social media to vent about your ex, it’s definitely Twitter, but maybe just keep things to yourself next time.

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