Eminem says his fans have to choose between him and Trump

Eminem absolutely snapped on Donald Trump in a freestyle during the BET Awards last night.

The rap touched on everything from Trump’s Twitter diversion tactics to his plan to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Em loudly announced his own support for immigrants and black athletes, and included some impressive wordplay as always.

It was especially iconic when he said, “This is for Colin [Kaepernick], ball up a fist and keep that shit balled — like Donald the bitch.” Get it, cuz Trump’s bald… This has to be the first clever Trump hair joke since the “Apprentice” days.

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But the most important thing about Eminem’s freestyle was his announcement that he’s not interested in support from any Trump fans:

And any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his

I’m drawing in the sand a line

You’re either for or against

And if you can’t decide who you like more and you’re split

On who you should stand beside

I’ll do it for you with this — f*ck you.

Chances are a good chunk of the Trump-supporting fuckboys you grew up with idolized Eminem. So his rejection of them might actually make them think for a second. Expect a lot of whiney Facebook statuses about this today.

Also, it means a lot that Eminem is talking specifically about these issues as a straight white man. Many of his fans might think it’s soft or uncool to care about immigrants, racism or stopping pointless wars. But Eminem specifically mentioned all of these issues, making it 100% clear where he stands on them.

Of course, Eminem’s not perfect. He didn’t mention Trump’s treatment of women — probably because Em’s lyrical track record on this is actually worse than “grab them by the pussy.” But it’s not often that entertainers are this blatant in their callouts of political issues. Usually, they try to be vague on purpose (cough cough Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl) because they don’t want to alienate fans who disagree with them.

Eminem doesn’t seem to care at this point. In fact, he wants his right-wing fans to know that he’s not here for them whatsoever. And that’s really admirable.

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