Emily Ratajkowski’s Not Happy About This New Book of Her Nudes

While Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t have anything against taking nudes, she does have a problem with photographers releasing her nudes without her consent.

According to Ratajkowski, a book that’s set to hit shelves later this month allegedly consists of hundreds of previously unreleased nudes that she took for an “artful magazine shoot” back in 2012.

While she did give consent to “five of the hundreds” of those photos to be published in 2012, she says she never gave the photographer permission to use them in his book.

So now, she’s outraged.

“These photos being used without my permission is an example of exactly the opposite of what I stand for: women choosing when and how they want to share their sexuality and bodies,” Emily wrote on Twitter.

Hear hear.

So far Imperial Publishing, the imprint releasing the book, has yet to comment, and honestly, they may not have a reason to.

As far as we can tell, as much as this new book of nudes sucks for Emily, it looks like it’s all legal.

So long as the photographer was the one who owned the photographs, according to the US Copyright Act, they’re his to reproduce, sell or distribute as he sees fit.

Even though Emily brings up on Twitter that she never signed a release form or was paid for the pictures, neither of those facts matter.

Unless the photographs are being taken with the explicit purpose of promoting or selling something a product or a brand, the photographer wouldn’t have been legally obligated to get her to sign a release form.

And even though the photos were taken for editorial use and now the photographer is using them in a book whose proceeds will serve to make him richer, copyright law says that’s okay to do without getting a model’s permission.

As much as it sucks because it’s her body that’s being displayed, at the same time it’s his art and he’s allowed to do whatever he wants with it.

Copyright laws are a bitch.

[H/T Vogue]

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