Ella Mai’s New EP Will Give You the Strength to Move On

If you haven’t heard the smooth groovin’ vibes of Ella Mai, you’re most undoubtedly missing out. Her last EP, “Time,” was a collection of R&B grooves with a thematic thru-line of picking yourself up from heartbreak, something we can all unfortunately relate to…

Ella’s new EP, “Change,” is a five-track collection with a whole new vibe about moving on and finding someone new — and she still delivers that romantic smooth groove and those vulnerable, raw R&B killer vocals once again, without skipping a beat. 

Her new video for her first single from the EP, “10,000 Hours,” is a literal interpretation of the killer track that’s sure to hang around in your head with its’ super melodic chorus. The video has Ella Mai, sitting at a piano, singing about the feels you get when you’ve been waiting for a call or text from your boo…. And how that can feel like a damn eternity.

The full EP will be available on 11/18, so get ready with those pre-orders and downloads as this one’s sure to be on repeat for a bit. Until then, check out the new video below and our Q&A with Ella Mai!

What was the inspiration for the video 10,000 hours? There is a very sexy storyline, what went into creating the story and how does it relate to the song?

“10,000 Hours” is a very descriptive song in itself, so it wasn’t hard to create a storyline for the video. We wanted to make sure that the video was as powerful as the song so we followed the storyline closely. The video shows the day going by without me receiving a phone call intertwined with a lot of very powerful performance shots which illustrate the raw emotion of the song.

Of the five tracks on the EP, which one means the most to you and why?

I love all of the 5 songs on “Change,” but if I had to pick, “10,000 Hours” and “Found” mean the most to me. I’d say they are two of my most vulnerable tracks. They are extremely heartfelt.

If you had to assign a “mood” to each song, one to listen to if you are in a specific mood maybe, what would they be?

Chilling with friends: “Down” and “Who Knew”

Getting ready to go out: “Lay Up”

In your headphones/alone time: “10,000 Hours” and “Found”

What do you hope fans will love about this new EP or find different about it, since it’s called “Change”?

This new EP is very much love oriented as opposed to “Time” which was about picking yourself up from a heartbreak. All of the songs are about finding someone new and knowing how to appreciate them. I hope, from this EP, my fans can take away all of the raw feeling and emotions I put into making this EP while listening.  

What message do you hope to give to fans through your music?

Through my music, I hope my fans walk away with (most importantly) feeling. To me, music is all about the feel it gives you, whether that’s the production and/or the vocal. However my music makes them feel, I hope they can use it to help navigate them through certain situations in life or remind them of great times they’ve had. Also, knowing the importance of self love but the willingness to love others.

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Photo Credit: Christopher Parsons, courtesy of Interscope Records

Pre-order Ella Mai’s “Change”:
iTunes:  http://smarturl.it/EllaMaiCHANGE

Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/CHANGE.ap

Google Play: http://smarturl.it/CHANGE.gp

Amazon:  http://smarturl.it/CHANGE.amz

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