Elsa Majimbo is Fashions New It Girl!

Many have seen Elsa Majimbo’s viral videos or jaw-dropping photos, but how well do you know the influencer-turned-model? We chat exclusively with Elisa about her buzzing career, TikTok, and what’s next for the rising star.

Featured Interview:

How has your creativity disrupted the influencer space, and where do you plan to take it next?

I think that for the longest time, people were in a box within my space. The press about them, the brand deals, and most of the noise surrounding them painted them in a specific way. I always refused to be simplified into just one idea: yes, I’m funny; yes, I’m a chess champion, and of course, I’m stunning. Let’s talk about it all and have every aspect of me open doors to new collaborations, opportunities, and career and business development avenues.

 Many people would not know, but you are the real-life queen’s gambit – how did your love for chess come about?

It started with boredom. I grew addicted to beating my opponents using strategy.

You blew up during the scariest time of our lives, the pandemic. Where did your love for comedy come from?

Being funny is always something that you’re born with. Developing humor was never an achievement, but learning to use it was. I didn’t have the most straightforward upbringing in Kenya; school was tough, and humor was always a warm blanket and my love language. 

Who are your SHEROES?

Rihanna and myself 

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Invest into Bitcoin and Ignore all the negativity, it will work out baby girl! 

 With more fame comes more pressure. How are you dealing with this, and how are you embracing yourself in the most authentic way for 2024?

I’m not Taylor Swift; it’s chill. I didn’t feel pressure until I got my first stalker, and I can’t justify the expense of full-time security, so I guess MMA classes are how I’m dealing with it in 2024.


What is the key to your confidence?


You are now creating AI memes. Tell us about this, and what do you think the TikTok influencer’s future will be?

The future for influencers/creators is more significant brand partnerships and being able to launch digital series with proper backing as a gateway to TV/streaming. We are taken more seriously for our brand power and incredibly nurtured global communities. 

 As a woman of color, how are you breaking boundaries in fashion, tech, and beauty?

I remember Vogue took the first big step in labeling me as a beauty ambassador before anyone else did and I specifically sent them a picture of me with no makeup and not looking too “done up.” My intention was for them to see that I am a beauty ambassador because I used to go out of my way to show myself in my natural state, all to juxtapose it against the funny and outlandish things that I say, all in an attempt to show how unapologetically comfortable I am in my skin. I’ve always wanted to help redefine beauty in the eyes of the media. I want to keep doing this, to keep pushing boundaries and empowering dark-skinned women like myself in the process. 

We need the sunglasses back. What is your favorite pair of sunnies at the moment?

My light blue burberrys. 

What beauty product are you obsessed with at the moment?

Victoria’s Secret Body Oil. It smells incredible and keeps me shiny/glowing all day, which makes sense for a star!

 How are you setting mental health goals for 2024?

I have a weird relationship with mental health. My mother is a therapist, but she’s also the cause of my trauma, haha.

 What can we expect next from you?

I have a big venture announcement coming soon. Outside of that, I’m looking to develop my first series and to work on being talented both in front of the camera as a talent and behind it as a producer. I want to give back to my country and continent the best way I know by opening doors for young girls to grow and expand their creative goals.


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