Electro Indie Band ARIZONA Helps a Fan Come Out To The World

I don’t know about you, but the level of hate being shown in the news right now is appalling. Like, legit appalling. Even scrolling through social media has me covering my eyes and searching for the normal overabundance of puppy videos…. Where is that shit when you need it?

Thankfully, this video came to the rescue and restored my faith in humanity — if all but briefly.

If you haven’t heard of electro indie pop band A R I Z O N A, you’ve been sleepin’ on a killer set of tunes.

I’ll low key say I hadn’t heard of them either, and then realized these guys have more Spotify spins than even The 1975 (9 Million Monthly Listeners, kids). Their tunes are vibey, melodic, and super cool — and their music has brought lots of peeps together, including one very special pair of people…

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A R I Z O N A’s video for their newest single, “Electric Touch,” chronicles a true story about Hailee and her girlfriend — who credits the bands’ music with always bringing them back together.

Hailee, who appears as the real-life lead in the video, is also using this moment as an opportunity to come out:

“For a long time, this day has filled me with so much fear and anxiety. I’ve never been really sure what I would say, why I felt like I needed to post, or why it even mattered at all. Its taken me a long time to come to this level of confidence with myself and with my relationship. I have been so lucky to have wonderful family and friends that have really helped me to this point. And I’ve realized the people that truly love and care about you always will, regardless. So a few months ago, Carly and I took a trip to Seattle to see one of our favorite bands. Because their music means so much to us I decided to reach out to them. I knew it was a long shot to even get a response but then they took it one step further. They asked us to tell our story through their music. So this is my girlfriend. And this is A R I Z O N A. Thank you A R I Z O N A for creating this incredible opportunity for us and thank you for your music. So much love!”

The vid shows pieces of the letter that Hailee wrote to the band letting them know what their music has done for them — and in turn, the band dedicates the video to the couple, who also appear in the video.

“Hailee and Carly flew out to catch one of our shows and we got to spend some time with them (spending time with people who have been touched by our music is always very special to us) and we were so moved by their story that we wanted to do something special for them, so we dedicated the music video to [them],” the band says. “To Hailee and Carly: wishing you two all the love in the world!”

As of this morning, the band’s debut album GALLERY is now up for pre-order and the song is available to download/stream. You can catch the band on tour and at a bunch of the music festivals this summer like Bottlerock, Lollapalooza, Gov Ball and more.

Also, disclaimer: I am not a person who cries at shit, like ever, but be prepared for your feels to fall out of your eyes.

For More on A R I Z O N A:

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To Show Love to Hailee and Carly:

@haileeritz | @carlyparis

Photo By Jimmy Fontaine

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