This editorial is inspired by the concept of ‘Illa Teqse’ or ‘Foundation of Light.’ 5,000 years ago, the Andean peoples developed a profound religiosity, believing that everything originated from ‘Illa,’ the primordial energy that shapes and moves the universe. Our work seeks to honor and celebrate this ancient wisdom, blending it with contemporary artistic expressions.  


Editor in Chief: Prince Chenoa (@princechenoastudio)

Feature Editor: Taylor Winter Wilson (@taylorwinter)

Creative Direction: Marte Diaz (@amartediaz) by TTAG (@ttag.world)

Photography: Ronald Hinostroza (@ronhinostroza

Retouch : Dali Chira (@dalichira

Digital artist : Edwar Heidell (@edwardheidell)

Styling: Fabrizio Riccardi (@_san.serif) and Valeria Bustamante (@valeria_killa)

Hair: Diana Escobar (@dianaaescobar_)

Makeup: Axel Alonso (@_axelalonso_)

Model: Jusa Luz @jusa_luz by We Love Models @welovemodels.pe

Brands: Macalo (@_macalo) , Abundia (@abundia__) , Zaddy (@zaddy___official), Levis vintage and clothes from the stylist 

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