EBHONI serves a lesson on how to support women and lead with confidence

Pop-R&B artist, EBHONI, may be young, but she has a lot to say.

Her proactive approach to music began at the age of 9, when she began showcasing her talent in a series of singing videos on YouTube. The Toronto-native is transparent about her struggles in navigating relationship hardships and unfaithful friendships in her music.

She has reigned in thousands of new fans by using music platform, SoundCloud as a tool of expression in confidently exposing her message to young women everywhere— take no bullshit. Her sound has been praised by the industry and recognized as one to watch in midst of Toronto’s flourishing music scene.

EBHONI’s lead single “OPPS” serves as a badass female empowerment piece and has gained her thousands of new fans, recently being remixed by Swiss electronic artist, Cyril Hahn.

Read on for the interview and exclusive photos.

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Toronto has been dominating the music scene. Tell us a little about how growing up in a city flourishing with great talent has had an effect on your creative process. 

I think it’s amazing, inspirational, and motivating! I recently moved to an area of the city where there are artists, venues, and studios surrounding me. Any given night you can catch a performance, hop into a studio, or bump into other artist doing their thing.

It just motivates you to keep working because everyone is grinding and you are seeing people catch opportunities, so you have to keep it pushing!

Your song “Opps” is about bouncing back when someone close to you deceives you. Can you tell us a little about the song and the story behind it?

It was honestly a very true story based on something that actually happened to me.  When I wrote the song, I was completely over the guy and friend of mine, so I had fun making the track.

Basically a pussy boy that I was dating was also talking to a friend of mine and I began to suspect (did my investigating). The gag is, sis was crazy enough to lie for him and make a fool of herself. They both got dropped. Waste yutes!

What advice do you give girls that have been in that same position?

I think the biggest advice I can give is to know your worth, teach people how you want to be treated, and never lower your expectations for anyone.  If they can’t do right by you, then they have to go.

A constant theme in your music is to motivate young women to demand the respect they deserve, no matter how sprung they may be! What experiences shaped this attitude?

I have been blessed to have grown up surrounded by a strong family that is made up of mainly females. Being one of the youngest, I feel I’ve heard and seen it all when it comes to their experiences. They have shown me the strength they carry on their own, but also the strength that comes from one female to another.

They are resilient and put up with no bullshit. As females we work so hard to get on a level playing field as boys do, we can’t let anyone take anything from us!

What are some of your pick-me-ups when you’re feeling low?

My mom always told me whenever I am down don’t let yourself go and it is so true! When I am feeling down, I will put a little extra into myself — makeup, a badass outfit, pamper myself (nails, toes, etc.) —  and take some lit selfies.

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If you could do a collaboration with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be with?

Chief Keef and Biggie Smalls! Their music is different than mine and I don’t know how it would sound but we’re creative and would definitely make it work.  We’d make some fye ass shit!

Sagittarius women are honest and always speak their mind. How has this affected the relationships (or friendships) you have had?

Sag Gang Haaaaan!  To be honest it’s been a journey, most people actually don’t want to hear the truth and that’s hard. My mom always tells me that I have to know when people are looking for advice or they just want me to listen.

I think I am a great listener but I will definitely tell you what is on my mind, or you can read how I feel based off of my face.  I have been blessed to have a very small circle of friends that we actually get each other and they accept my crazy ass for who I am.

What are some of your summer beauty must-haves?

For starters, I love to get a little sun-kissed, because it helps my skin to look a little more golden (I look pale in the winter). Highlight and bronzer for me is a must, I recently fell in love with Trophy Wife x Fenty Beauty. OH, and a good lip gloss is always in my bag.

What’s the most surreal situation you’ve been in since you started your career?

I would have to say having the opportunity to model for Rihanna’s Savage Fenty Line. I mean not much more I can say here…it’s RiRi!

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What should the world expect from you in the coming months?

I just dropped my second single, “Warning,” for the gyaldem, be sure to check out the video. There’s also a day version featuring Charly Black. I’m excited about this song: the timing was right, since it was released around Caribana.

Photographer: Maya Fuhr

Stylist: Vini Lacerda 

Makeup: Nate Matthew

Hair: Santasha Cato

Location : SoSo Food Club 

Assistant: Luna Khods

Clothing: VSP Consignment


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