DRØME: Heralding an Era of Truly Maverick Print?

Out of the minds of Caroline D’Arcy and Leah Wasilewski into the wanting fingertips of an audience starving for genuine artistry that forgoes the various vices and pitfalls of the industry’s gatekeepers comes ‘DRØME’ a vibrant platform that ventures into a diverse array of creative disciplines, including art, fashion, photography, music, and writing. With a rebellious spirit, it seeks to embrace unconventional perspectives and amplify a wide range of voices within the artistic community at large. 

The magazine’s cutting-edge design not only complements but also enhances the boundary-pushing content, resulting in a visually captivating and immersive experience for its audience.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, DRØME is driven by a profound mission. It aims to carve out a space for self-expression and community, where creativity, inclusivity, and social awareness are championed. In doing so, it stands as a bold and unapologetic celebration of all things creative and countercultural, diverging from the norms of traditional publications to showcase the richness of diverse creative expression.

DRØME has introduced five printed magazines, launched a podcast, produced a video series, and hosted events at prestigious venues such as Art Basel Miami and New York Fashion Week since its inception. The publication has also collaborated with a diverse range of companies, from Nike to Gucci, and its presence can be found in bookstores and record shops throughout the US, spanning from New York City to Los Angeles.

Photo Credits:

Ehiorobo Photographer by Gabriella Bavaro

Nick Bentel by Patrick Driscoll

Self Portrait by Scarlett Kapella

Whowle Closeup by Harriet Davey

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