Drew Louis Know of a “Love So Right”

Drew Louis is a rising star in the music industry. His viral TikToks and live performances have drawn comparisons to Lady Gaga and Madonna. Louis’ sound is a unique blend of 2010s bubblegum pop and optimistic 90s R&B, and his songs are as fun and contagious as they are down-to-earth. In addition to his own work, Louis is also a successful songwriter and producer. He has worked with some heavy hitters in the industry, including Sony Music’s The Gospellers, IZ*ONE’s YENA, Matt Beckley, Francis Karel, and Trinity the Tuck.


Drew’s newest release is titled “Love So Right”, and it’s the feeling of being in love with someone who feels perfect for you. The lyrics describe Drew’s love for their partner in a variety of ways, comparing them to their favorite things, such as a summer camp t-shirt, a serial killer podcast, and a love song. The all-consuming feeling of love nears an obsessive idea but it never quite crosses over into creepy territory, it remains purely wholesome and sincere.

“Everyone should feel this good about someone. The day I hopped into the studio I physically couldn’t stop myself from smiling, high on love. Matt Beckley and Jayelle really sunk into that energy with me, it was such a lovely day gushing all about our love lives. Going into writing this record, I really wanted to tap into that bliss that I felt as a little kid- mainly from 2010’s Pop, harkening back to that time feels so absolutely euphoric and serves as a true escape to a time we can all reminisce. I guess fun pop music only happens during recessions? [laughs]. I think people are really gonna feel the love and fun we had making this one, whether you have a “Love So Right”, or if you’re still looking for them.”

The song’s structure is unapologetic and straightforward. It follows a traditional verse-chorus-verse format that feels actually a bit refreshing. The song’s lyrics are catchy and compelling to sing along to, while the musical backing is upbeat and positive, harkening back to a previous era in pop that has a much more vibrant and optimistic outlook. Quite nostalgic but also thoroughly evergreen and thoughtfully delivered.


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