DreamDoll’s Mixtape “Life In Plastic 3 ” is Out Now!

DreamDoll is a social media juggernaut and talented female MC known mostly for her hits “Ah, Ah, Ah” and “Different Freestyle,” achieving over 25 million YouTube views to date. She’s gained a large fan base online with her freestyles and fashion content that continues to impress her 1.3 million TikTok and 4.4 million Instagram followers.

 As Carl Chery, Head of Urban Music @ Spotify proclaimed this week in The Washington Post, “We’re in a golden age of female hip-hop.  You’re seeing women who emerged as early as two years ago become stars.  We’ve never seen this. I don’t think there’s ever been this many female rap stars, ever.”

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Interview by Yael Torres @yaelprissy

1. How would you describe yourself to someone who isn’t familiar with you just yet?

I would describe myself as female rapper hailing from Edenwald Projects in Bronx, NY. Some people know me from TV but, everyone knows me as DreamDoll. “We in the building, We in the party, We in the Ah Ah Ah” yeah that’s me. I’m fun, playful, intuitive, loyal… a Pisces so I’m all about love but don’t get it twisted I’m a no-nonsense – miss me with bullshit- type of person,first. I love to cook, spend time with my love ones, shop (yes this girl can shop) and travel. But all in all I’m just an artist who wants plaques and Grammy’s with my name on ‘em.

2. Being a New York Native, what is one part of the city that you take with you anywhere you go?

“Myself”….of course, definitely being that I was born and breed in Bronx and currently live in the city. “Shit I am New York…” My drip, my vernacular, my walk, my swag is all owed to New York. When I’m on the road performing I take New York with me through my style. My sylist Demi (Demi Dorsey) and I collaborate to pay homage to NY through all my looks. That’s like “my thing” I want to really take the city everywhere with me. My video YKMB (You Know My Body) was filmed in the exact spot they filmed Hard Knock Life by Jay-Z… I had the custom NY Yankee fitted corset top, everybody loved it. Since then we have done so much NY inspired looks and we don’t plan to let up.

3. Your time on “Bad Girls Club” and “Love and Hip Hop” has propelled you as a strong personality in entertainment. What were your biggest takeaways? How have you evolved since being on the shows?

I use to have so many mixed feelings about reality TV. All in all I’m glad for it. Happy I did it. It gives way to such a broad audience and really gives you a crash course in the business of TV. I would have to say my biggest takeaways are “Never allow the cameras to allow you to become someone you are not”. When those cameras go away people are going to expect you to deliver everything that you put out their hunny. My second takeaway is “Don’t  do anything you’re going to regret seeing yourself do you later.” That stuff plays over and over and can follow you through out life. Lastly “be your full authentic self always and own that” because people gon talk shit regardless but the real ones will remember and appreciate you the most for that.”

I’m currently I am on BET’s College Hill and I feel this show best captures my evolution. The show really gave me an opportunity go back to school and experience so many things I had not. Of course there is drama but it’s wholesome and there are plenty redeeming moments.

4. How have you seen your career progress over the years? Are there any moments in your success that have defined the direction you want to move into?

Yes, I’ve seen so much progression. Wow it’s crazy we were actually just reflecting on this while on tour with Fivio Foreign. My first tour, was a promo tour there was no money for nothing. It was just me, my manager Amber and our tour manager Heff in a van grinding it out. Fast forward to being on the road with Fivi, full tour bus with my name on it, back to back shows, was sold out in my city 2x. I’m blessed that I have the ability to see the progression and be presently aware of moments as they’re happening. When I signed my recent deal with Warner that felt like a moment of success to me. My Warner family goes so hard for me and they prioritize my wants and concerns. It is in these moments that I feel like my direction is most defined. Having an entire label supporting me. A full team of people who work around the clock to make sure I’m getting to my dreams… is a long way from where I started

5. Your rap career started back in 2017 with your debut EP, “Life in Plastic”, and you’ve worked with some of the most prominent names in rap since. How are you able to collaborate with other artists and create moments together?

Really GOD, my team, and sometimes happenstance. Being in the right place at the right time. Making the most of every opportunity. I had an opportunity to collaborate with Rick Ross who is a GOAT (odeee) he showed me so much love. Miami (s/o to Booby Trap) showed me so much love. When you’re from New York feeling at home somewhere else is really challenging. When I did the record “Wiggle” with Rick Ross it was during Covid, most of my team was sick. Rozay gave me the red carpet treatment.  His team was so welcoming, accommodating and supportive. It was one of my favorite collaboration thus far. And of course NORE and DJ Khaled collab we did that in NY, now that was just Epic.

6. How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process requires “zen”… And since life isn’t always zen it doesn’t always go that way. So I’ve learned to create under whatever circumstances. But as far as studio vibes go there must always be tea, (I love a good throat coat) candles, great energy, and the engineer ( if he’s not my regular engineer) got to have me right, no autotune or fancy affects. I want my voice captured as raw as possible. Above all these things is positive energy, I need that to keep going. No bad vibes in my session.

7. You’ve definitely made your mark in multiple industries and proved you aren’t going anywhere. What advice do you have for artists trying to establish themselves in the music or entertainment worlds?

Shit …. Keep Going. Every time you feel like you want to quit just keep going because your opportunity could be right around the corner. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to throw in the towel. Especially during Covid it was really challenging for our industry. Everytime I felt like giving up something would happen, a new opportunity would present itself, and I would be back in pursuit of my Dreams.

8. What next for you? Will there be any features, releases or television appearances in the near future?

Up next is the release of my mixtape project, Life In Plastic 3, I am so excited to be releasing my tape finally it’s been long overdue. And trust me fans I will not be disappointed. It’s going to be the appetizer before the full course you guys are going to love it. I am also on TV weekly on BET’s College Hill so tune in to that if you haven’t. I’ll be doing some festivals and shows. Just did the Rolling Loud run… did Miami…. I’m on doing NYC in September, you can catch me there that line up is crazy. I’m sure there some other stuff I’m leaving out but follow my gram (DreamDoll) you’ll never be out the loop.Thanks Galore! I just feel blessed to be chasing my dreams. Stay tuned it so much more to come!

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Interview By: Yael Torres @yaelprissy

Hair: @dontethehairstylist

Make Up: @Mariposamakeup

Styled By: @demidorsey

Photographer: @dmccrestionsnyc 

Cover Graphic Designer: Perry Johnson @Editsbyperry 

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