All The Latest Drake Lyrics That Could Be About Rihanna

I know I know, Drake and Rihanna broke up forever ago, but gosh darn it, I refuse to live in a world where stewing on one of the great relationships of our time is looked at as last season’s news.

Especially when stewing on relationships might as well be Drake’s official pastime.

So while the rest of the world was combing through “More Life” looking for J-Lo references, I was busy hunting for clues to tell me how Champagne Papi’s feeling about the woman he’s been in love with since he was 22 years old and who keeps getting away.

Sadly, while I found the clues I was looking for, the story it paints isn’t the kind that ends in happily ever after.

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Although neither Drake nor Rihanna has ever explicitly spoken about why they suddenly stopped seeing each other in 2016, a source told E! it was due to hectic scheduling.

Sure, they could both find time to hang out in Miami for a couple of days and get caught neck nuzzling, but as anybody who’s ever tried to make a long distance relationship work knows, giving your relationship that much space almost never ends well.

On “Passionfruit” Drake describes a relationship that’s “passionate from miles away” but where the girl in question is “passin’ up on my old ways / I can’t blame you, no, no.”

What are Drake’s old ways?

Drinking on the low? Mobbing on the low? Drunk texting women he slept with years ago just to say YOLO?

Who knows for sure, but you know it’s gotta be sus if even Drake can recognize it’s not exactly boyfriend material.

He continues:

“Listen / hard at buildin’ trust from a distance / I think we should rule out commitment for now / ‘cause we’re fallin apart.”

That same source that told E! Drake and Rihanna broke off said the two “are seeing other people at the moment. They are not exclusive anymore. They still love each other, but their schedules have gotten in the way.”

Later on “Teenage Fever,” Drake sounds like he’s calling up an ex to tell her he’s still sore about what went down, but he’s not letting it get in the way of him getting it in.

“Your heart is hard to carry after dark / you’re to blame for what we could have been / ‘cause look at what we are / your friends are scared to tell you you’re in too far / funny that it’s always been all about you from the start / I met someone new last night and we kicked it / and I’m going back there tonight.”

Sure enough, after Drake and Rihanna broke up, Drake quickly started dating India Love, whose ex-boyfriend supposedly cheated on India with Rihanna, which many people interpreted as something designed to piss Rihanna off.

And it low key worked because Rihanna quickly posted this shade-filled meme on her Instagram account which said, “none of my exes are married or in happy relationships so it’s safe to say I wasn’t the problem lol.”

Finally, on “KMT,” Drake rules out any plans for romance right now by declaring, “Love is just not in my plans / not even takin‘ a chance.”

So yeah, things don’t look great for Aubrih right now.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, you guys.

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