Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank is every celebrity’s secret weapon

When it comes to beauty regimens, we live in a world where sharing is caring. Celebrities, youtubers, models, and aspiring bloggers are more than happy to share exactly what they put on (or in) their faces, and how you can do the same. The guessing of how someone is aging gracefully-or not at all-is gone as transparency in the beauty industry becomes more apparent. Procedures that used to be invasive or reserved for an older demographic are now available in millennial microdoses that can have you back at work the next day.

We spoke to Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a leading celebrity dermatologist, at his NYC office as he debunked some of our med spa myths, and even had me try one of their new non-invasive treatments for myself. Find out how it all went down below!

Personally, I’m someone who works out fairly often. I like my barre, I like my pilates, and for the most part I eat a balanced diet. But no matter what I do, there’s still that annoying spot between my boob and my armpit that bothers me. I first became aware of it when I was seven and a girl at gymnastic camp came up and grabbed it saying, “you have chub chub.” That was the moment I understood what insecurities were and the last time I went to gymnastics camp. It’s not that I’m a particularly vain person but it makes dresses fit weird and I could do without it.

At Dr. Frank’s, as I tried to discern fat from boob, he let me know that this particular area was genetic and that a non-invasive treatment such as cool-sculpting would give me a 20-25% reduction, right in time for my beloved tube top season.

It can be overwhelming deciding if and what you want to do when walking into a dermatologist’s office. Dr. Frank explained that when deciding if a patient should go forward with either a non-invasive or invasive treatment, he looks specifically at the area being treated, how big it is, and if anything’s been tried before. “Nothing is the best, they’re all different,” he explains, “if you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail.” Which makes sense considering the plethora of options he has in the office. And he’s right, cosmetic dermatology isn’t what it used to be. Big downtimes or hefty price tags are becoming a thing of the past as it becomes more accessible and approachable.

With over a third of Dr. Frank’s patients under thirty, it’s no surprise companies are being driven to make more non-invasive options for a younger audience.

As Christina DeMartino, who heads all of the non-invasive treatments at PFrankMD & Skin Salon, helped me settle into my 45 minute cool-sculpting session, I got to ask Dr. Frank about some of the med spa myths I’ve seen online.

What’s the deal with Kybella? “Too inflammatory. I like to have patients going back to work the next day.”

Are preventative treatments really necessary? “I don’t recommend preventative anything. When do I do this or that? When things start to bother you. At twenty-one people start to age differently, some don’t get a single wrinkle til they’re forty. I’m not into cosmetic manipulation until you start to see early signs of something. We love our millennial patients but we make sure to use small baby doses which they respond well to. There’s so much marketing and overselling to young people, that we really only start when someone has legitimate concern.”

What is the most important rule? “Always try to do the simplest thing. Invasive or not, I am the icing on the cake. These treatments can’t be a replacement for, they can only work in addition to, exercise and diet.”

And before I knew it, my treatment was over! After removing the cool sculpting devise and massaging my frozen armpit, Christina and Dr. Frank let me know that I may need a second treatment to see more defined results. And that’s the reality of non-invasive treatments, it’s so important to maintain realistic expectations. If you’re going for a more dramatic look you’re going to want to go back more than once to really sharpen your results. But personally, I’m excited watching the outcome continue to evolve over the next three months! For a consultation with Dr. Frank click here.

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