Don’t Let Your Date Control Your Plate

Recently, I was at a dinner where the male thought he made harmless joke about eating on dates. Or I thought it was a joke as I laughed loudly. He advised that all women should leave a third of their food on their plate. And NOT get a doggie bag.

He advised me that a doggie bag is not sexy/prevents you from going home with the guy. Moreover, by leaving a third you show how “dainty” you are and that you’re not dating for survival.

Why does this matter?

First off, I didn’t ask for your advice sir.


Secondly, it matters that this man thought it was okay to tell me when to stop eating.

Like he was counting my bites and was like “aaannnnndndddddd now. That’s enough”.

Thirdly, It matters because if the roles were reversed, a guy would be furious if I told him he should stop eating his meal.

The response I imagine getting “you can’t tell me what to do when i’m paying for it.” Fuck that.

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Fourthly, it matters because you’re worth it!

Imagine how much you spent on your dress, heels, waxes, tan and hair. It’s basically a million dollars (or at least $300). But more importantly, fuck anyone that makes you feel like you owe them something. Or like they own you after this offering. If you could not afford this restaurant sir, we coulda done Shake Shack.

Honestly, who cares what guys think about what you order? If you are going on a date, you can do whatever you want. Obviously, maybe be a little considerate of costs and don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu if you’re not going to offer to split the bill. But don’t let anyone shame you for what you decide to eat.

It doesn’t matter if you order a steak or a salad at dinner. There are no preselected foods that you should limit yourself too. More importantly, there are no predetermined amounts of that food you should eat. Eat the whole damn steak and then order a side of steak. In the future, you’re going to eat with this person again (if the date goes well). You can probably even eat with your hands… after marriage.

Fifthly, it matters because doggie bags are the bomb.

Who doesn’t want to eat the rest of some dope ass steak after sex?!

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