Cover Girl Dominique Jackson is dancing into our hearts

Dominique Jackson is strutting through our lives and instagram feeds.

If you haven’t heard by now, meet the model, actress, advocate, and dancer Dominique Jackson. Having been in the limelight for several years and a firm influence to young LGBTQ+ community, Dominique continues to inspire and grow with her audience.

Author of ‘The Transsexual from Tobago,’ Jackson is redefining and setting no limits to her success. Born and raised in Tobago, she faced scrutiny and experienced a traumatic upbringing. Dominique is no stranger to adversity and she continues to be a voice and resource to those who have dealt with the same.

Now that her career has became established, Dominique is using her social media presence to influence individuals alike to not let any hardship define who they are. Whether walking red carpets or speaking at events, Jackson is a force not to be reckon with.

Galore had the pleasure to sit down and talk with the sunshine and cover girl that is Dominique Jackson. Check it out below!

Hat by Todd Oldham/ Jacket by MSGM/ Skirt by Antonio Berardi
Scarf and top by Fendi/ Fur by Rochas/ Skirt by House of Holland/ Chanel earrings

Why did you first move to New York from Tobago?

I moved to New York because it was the only place at that time that transwomen seemed to be able to live freely.

Dress by Dolce and Gabbana / Coat by Yves Salomon /Shoes by Lacroix

You’ve spoken about your struggles with being trans within your childhood community in Tobago. How did you overcome their inability to accept you?

I was always down and suicidal but then I realized that I had to accept me FIRST! Once I accepted myself I really didnt think any longer of how people viewed me because I did my best to stay clear of people that may have bad intentions.

Dress by Lenard Paris


What do you think about respect vs tolerance vs acceptance?

I believe tolerance is a disgusting word when used to show fake approval of someone else’s existence.  Acceptance is for family and close friends but RESPECT should be given for everyone.  Acceptance and tolerance indicate power and approval while RESPECT shows a sense of understanding.

What obstacles did you face when you ultimately moved to NYC on your own at such a young age? How did you overcome them?

When I first moved to NYC I was basically homeless sleeping on couches and in hotels until I ended up sleeping in Central Park. It was heart wrenching but I was happy to be able to live in my truth. I struggled but I was determined to make it into my own apartment and that’s where I believed God smiled on me.

When did you first realize you wanted to be in the entertainment industry through modeling and television?


I wanted to be in Television and modeling ever since I knew myself. Walking came naturally after seeing one of my older cousin’s girlfriend at the time walk for his sister’s my other older cousin’s fashion show.

Top by Mulberry/ Skirt by Sies Marjan/ Purse by JW Anderson
How did you first get into dancing?


I was enrolled in dance classes from the time I was about 4. I could recreate dances easily, learn steps quickly and I felt happiest when I danced.


Who did you learn the most from within the dancing industry?


I watched Debbie Allen, ‘Fame’ , Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson especially.


What do you love most about dancing and why?


I love the ability to flow, to let thought become movement in seconds.  I love the way I feel as I am moving. It is quite therapeutic to me.


What was it like being on Strut? Can you explain what you learned from the experience, especially about being on TV?


Strut was amazing it was from meeting and speaking with executive producers Whoopi and Tom Leonardis that unbeknownst to me prepared me for Pose.


You’re a strong believer of giving back. What organizations are you super passionate about right now?

I do believe in giving back. I am extremely passionate about the organization Destination Tomorrow.  I was Director of Programs for a few months.  It is a trans founded and led organization which caters to all under the lgbtqia+ umbrella but has trans identified folk at heart. We understand our community because we are our community.

All wardrobe and locations courtesy of Next Century at Century 21

Photography by Lula Hyres  

Styling/ Creative direction by Gabriel Held 

Assistance by  Douglas Cornwall III

Makeup by Justin Lentz

Hair by Paul Lodge 


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