How My Dominican Mom Taught Me to Be an NYC Rich B*tch

If you found yourself on this page it’s because you are searching for tips on how to pull off a luxurious lifestyle in a city like New York. Well, look no further. The fakest-bougie from Dyckman is here to spill the spicy chai tea. This is an exclusive look into the world of a rich b*tch in NYC.

Mastering the illusion of being a rich gyal in NYC comes with cutting some corners. You can plan a seasonal vacation to Puerto Rico and go to the resort with three cents in your account. And trust me, it’s possible. You might just find yourself in the Ferrari of a millionaire having the time of your life, who knows? As long as you enter that Ferarri with the confidence of a rich b*tch, the illusion will manifest itself as reality in your attitude, and that’s what counts. Your state of mind in that moment is just as real as those three cents in your bank account.

I’ve learned how to play the game by observing the Dominican women in my life. I find myself constantly taking notes from my mother. I tried to criticize her for the the shade of eyeshadow she wanted to use; to which she responded, “Ay Shirley please, I know more about beauty than you.” That’s the attitude of a rich b*tch. She must always believe that she is ready to snatch people by the edges, turn heads, and break necks. A broke thought never crosses her mind. You must visualize the lifestyle and it will come. Once you can feel the rich b*tch, you will be the rich b*tch. It’s plain and simple.

The day I became a rich b*tch was the day that I began to embrace my mother’s attitude. If I ever left the house with the wrong colored eye-shadow it wouldn’t matter. The state of mind is what perpetuates confidence, and a rich b*tch needs to have plenty of that.

Take for example your wardrobe. You may not have a pair of Christian Louboutins in your closet, but as long as you walk with the confidence of having seven hundred dollar shoes on your feet, no one can tell you otherwise. If a rich b*tch can feel comfortable with seven hundred dollar shoes, you should be able to feel comfortable in your beat down Stan Smiths from two summers ago that are in a more reasonable price range. As long as you walk out that house owning it and ready to slay, you have mastered the illusion of a rich b*tch.

The glory about a metropolitan city like New York is that you don’t know anything about the person sitting next to you. You don’t know their country of origin, their life story, or if they got caught in a rain with a broken umbrella. Nothing. Nada. Rien de tout. That means, they don’t know anything about you, and all they have to go off of is your energy and how you carry yourself. Why not carry yourself like a down to earth rich b*tch with ugly eyeshadow and a warm heart? Find the balance between finessing yourself like the bad and boujee girls Migos stay chatting ‘bout, and someone that is down to earth.

The key to being a rich b*tch comes from having the state of mind. You have to live by the idea that; if a rich b*tch can do it, I can too.

I took my mother’s state of positivity and applied it to my life. There is richness in life, and that’s what I will use to carry myself as a rich b*tch.

From a “rich b*tch” NYC native, to you.

Ciao bellas!

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