Desiree Wallis Busnelli is Fashions New Darling

With Millions of adoring fans, Desiree Wallis Busnelli has taken the fashion world by storm – all while being unapologetically her. The Content creator believes that a simple post for a woman can change her life, negatively or positively. Desiree first introduced herself to fans during the Covid pandemic with her hilarious videos coupled with a few high-end fashion companies posting her work, such as Fendi, Tom Ford, and MiuMiu—Desiree spills on her Beauty routine, Motherhood, and What’s next for the rising content creator.

Photography Jorge Duva @jorgeduva

Featured Interview:

What does Fashion & Beauty mean to you?

It’s all about finding a nice balance with my personal style of what’s trending at the moment and mixing it all up.

What is your age-defying beauty routine?

Milk cleansing makeup remover is my #1 Pore-defining serum and days off using makeup are best to refresh my skin.

How are you disrupting the fashion and beauty industry?

Well, I’m clearly not a model or an actual influencer. I’m a “photauge creator” and super excited to have gotten this far! Once you know my story it all makes sense.

What is your special touch when interior decorating someone’s home?

I’m always realistic about functionality.

How would you describe your fashion senses?

Comfort and durability are always chic.

How are you disrupting the home decorating space with your approach?

Anything miniature is probably my idea.

What is some advice you would give your 16-year-old self?

Go all the way with your dreams. Do what you believe is right in your heart.

What beauty item can you not live without?

eye drops and lip gloss

What beauty products are in your bag?

A good eyebrow kit

How has being a mom empowered you?

Parenting strips you down to the core. Underneath all the glitz and glamour need to be patient and accepting of our own inner growth just like a child.

What is one fashion trend you love at the moment?

I love vintage! I always have.

How are you being rebellious in beauty and fashion?

Guess I’ve always been rebellious! I’m trying to follow the rules at this point and not embarrass my children on the way.

If you could plan the most beautiful dinner party with 7 celebs dead or alive who would they be?

Marlyn Monroe, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Princess Diana, Barbra Walters, my daughter, and of course Oprah!

Lipstick or Lip gloss?

100% Lipgloss

What is the most expensive fashion item you have ever purchased?

A vintage Louis Vuttion

What beauty treatment do you love at the moment?

A cold face mask

What is one thing we all need in our home to make it stand out worthy?

An air filter

What is next for you?


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Talent: Desiree Wallis Busnelli

Photography: Jorge Duva @jorgeduva

Wardrobe Stylist: Jackie Treviso @jacquietrevizo

Hair Stylist: Lisa Marie Powell @sheardeath 

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