These 3 Designers’ Bags Hold Their Value The Best

If you’ve ever tried to re-sell any of your clothing and/or accessories, you’ve probably been disappointed to find that the Steve Madden shoes you paid $150 for (and never wore) are only worth about $40 now.

Unfortunately, once you take a fashion item out of the store, it loses it’s value pretty quickly. This becomes even sadder when you’re buying big ticket items, like designer shoes and bags.

But some purses can withhold the test of time, and re-selling apps Tradesy measured how the big designer brands stack up according to their data. So if you’re planning on balling out on a designer bag anytime soon, here are the three designers you should splurge on.

1. Hermès

Hermès bags can generally be resold for 72% of their original price, whereas the average non-designer item is sold for 25-35% of the original price. If you have a rare bag, you can actually earn up to 1.3x the retail price, according to Tradesy.

“Hermès bags are remarkably consistent in retaining value, even during a down market,” Tracy DiNunzio, CEO of Tradesy, told Racked.

So if you’ve been twerkin’ for a Birkin, just know that every dollar is worth it. After all, another study recently found that a Birkin is a better investment than gold.

2. Goyard

If you’re not a self-proclaimed fashionista, you may not know much about Goyard. This is partly because US residents can only buy Goyard products in four locations (three in NYC, two in California). Goyard also doesn’t advertise or sell online.

Tradesy sellers earn on average 1.3x the retail price of Goyard bags, so you actually make money if you sell one of those babies.

3. Chanel

Chanel is another brand that never, ever goes on sale, so it makes sense why their bags would hold their value.

If you decide to resell your Chanel bag that your ex-sugar daddy gave you, you can earn on average 86% of the retail value.

You’re probably wondering, “what about Louis Vuitton?” Well, because LV is a bit more mainstream than Chanel, Goyard, and Hermès, its re-sale price is affected.

Sellers can still earn over 70% the average retail value if the bag is a classic silhouette or limited edition, and DiNunzio suggests investing in a Neverfull or Speedy if you really want your bag to withstand the test of time. And, as you’d expect, all bags sell better in black.

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