Lily May Mac’s Fool Proof Method For Testing That Investment Wardrobe Piece

American readers may have just gotten to the beach for the first time, but it’s becoming winter for the girls on the bottom half of the equator. Australian kitten and Snapchat queen (follow lilyhatesyou) Lily May Mac is experiencing that telltale hot in the day/freezing at night climate that warns you of chillier days ahead, and is transitioning her wardrobe in preparation.

Lily is of the opinion that you can wear your faves all year (the power of the investment piece), and she proved herself right by informing us of a million things she’s loving for wintertime that you can also wear for summertime. Gives you an excuse to invest in at least one new, luxurious wardrobe element: you can always find a way to wear it.

Find out what’s on Lily’s shopping list, and how you can keep wearing your school-girl tennis skirt when class is no longer in session.


How have you updated your usual style for the season?

I’ve updated my style by wearing more turtlenecks and midi skirts with a heavier coat or jacket. I work at a law firm so most of the time I am wearing business attire.

I love when you come across that one piece that is somehow perfect for every occasion. Do you have one? 

I love tennis skirts!! They’re really cute and sexy and truly radiate a youthful, fun look! They look amazing with knee high socks or stockings!

What are some ways our gals can wear their Winter fave tennis skirts for Summer?

I recommend ankle socks with sneakers or Converse and a simple tee, or mid length socks with ankle boots and a plain blouse.

What are some other essential transitional pieces that girls can rock all year?

High-waisted jeans are the absolute must have… not only do they make your butt look great and accentuate your waist, they make your legs look super long! They’re one of those essentials you can wear in any season.

Jeans and a tee is always go-to. How do you ensure a simple outfit is sexy and chic, not boring?

Color palettes are super important. All black or all white outfits are great, matched with nice jewelry to compliment your style. Jackets, coats, and cardigans really help in finishing outfits.

Which outfit essentials are on your must-get list?

A nice faux fur jacket and more trench coats!

What was your most defining style moment?

I used to be an avid Tumblr user (still am but very rarely now).That’s how I saw Alexander Wang and Yohji Yamamoto, and I loved the all-black or all-white outfit sets. I fell in love with that simple style and chic style. Honestly, simple and clean looks best as it draws attention to your overall look and your face.


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