The definitive ranking of every RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant’s Instagram account

Gentlemen, start your engines.

And may the best woman win.

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Now let’s start with the bottoms, shall we?

104-112. Akashia, Raven, Mariah, Alisa Summers, Milan, Magnolia Crawford, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Phoenix and Rebecca Glasscock.

None of these queens appear to have Instagrams, so they’re all automatically the worst at Instagram by default.

Come on ladies, it’s 2017.

Get. With. It.

And if any of you do have Instagram, shame on you. for not having a handle that’s easier to search.

103. Ongina


Ongina has an Instagram, but it’s set on private, so what the fuck?

102. Kenya Michaels

Little Kenya Michaels is driving me crazy… cuz she’s only posted twice on Instagram.

That is, if this is even a real account.

A post shared by Kenya Michaels (@kenyamichaels) on

101. Mystique Summers

All Mystqiue does is post spon con and unappetizing photos of food. Unless you’re trying to go on a diet or stop yourself from going back for seconds, forget you even knew she had an Insta account.

dinner for @mysticlegend1993

A post shared by Mystique Summers (@mystiquesummers) on

100. Serena Cha Cha

This was the most compelling thing I found on Serena’s IG page, and that’s saying something.

99. Lashauwn Beyond

Lashauwn Beyond seems to exclusively design the kind of prom dresses you’d see getting celebrated on The Shade Room now. They’re gorgeous as hell.

Working on prom orders ….

A post shared by lashauwnbeyond (@lashauwnbeyond) on

98. Porkchop

Porkchop was the first Drag Race contestant to ever hear the words, “now sashay away.” Fittingly, her Instagram is filled with promotional photos and memes with lots of hastags.

#lol #party #queen #drag #showtime #dtla #dragrace #pennytration #rupaul #PorkChop #photo #photooftheday

A post shared by PorkChopLA (@porkchopla) on

97. Lineysha Sparx

See above.

Modesto Im ready!!!!! See u tonight at Climax club

A post shared by Lineysha Sparx (@lineyshasparx) on

96. Monica Beverly Hillz

Beautiful girl, but I’m too bored to think of anything else to say about her account.

95. Jessica Wild

Jessica Wild is an entertaining queen, but her Instagram looks like it was put together by a promoter.

94. Nina Flowers

Nina Flowers is drag queen EDM DJ now. And the only thing she posts about is how she’s an EDM DJ.

In the words of Tatiana: choices.

93. Sonique

Sonique is gorg, but boring. Sorry bout it.


A post shared by Kylie Sonique Love (@xosonique) on

92. Honey Mahogany

Honey Mahogany puts the B in boring, but at least she’s got nice gams!

#tbt2012 #squadgoals #bodygoals #legs #honeymahogany photo by @glamgender

A post shared by Honey Mahogany (@honeymahogany) on

91. Jiggly Caliente

Caliente? Or basic?

LA nights lol. I’m loving it out here. #jigglycaliente

A post shared by Jiggly Caliente (@jigglycalienteofficial) on

90. Darienne Lake

If you can’t say anything nice, just compliment a bitch’s handbag.

89. Stacy Layne Matthews

Girl isn’t the best at Instagram, but damn if this banana pudding doesn’t look like something I wanna open wide and say “ah” for.

That’s one heavy banana pudding!!!!

A post shared by Stacy layne Matthews (@stacylmatthews) on

88. Tammie Brown

Tammie Brown posts a lot of pictures of dolls that look terrifying enough to get their own movie made about them.

If that’s your thing, follow away, but if if not, hard pass.

87. Ben DelaCreme

All of her looks look the same, and if you watched her season of Drag Race then you already know all about it.

86. Penny tration

Pass go, do not collect $100.

A great night in Cincinnati

A post shared by Penny tration (@misspennytration) on

85. Shannel

Shannel’s looks are all on point, but all of her selfies have the same composition.


84. Delta Work

Delta Work doesn’t have the most compelling feed, but her Ursula get-up makes me wanna giddy-up.

More Disney captured by @xpozdphotography costume by @dayv3283 #deltawork

A post shared by Gabriel Villarreal (@deltawork) on

83. Joslyn Fox

I’ll say this about Joslyn Fox, she knows how to sell a bag of Lay’s.

82. Alexis Mateo

Where’s she get that crown from? Cuz it definitely wasn’t from Rupaul.

81. Nicole Paige Brooks

Nicole Paige Brooks posts a lot of out of drag selfies and hotdog leg posts, but this TBT photo is truly a work of art.

Who remembers Backstreet Atlanta and when they used to have wigstock

A post shared by Nicole Brooks (@nicolepaigebrooks) on

80. Jade Jolie

She’s cute, right?

Awesome weekend at @playlouisville ! Felt Jubilee-ish last night haha 😗✨✨✨✨

A post shared by Jade Jolie (@missjadejolie) on

79. Jujubee

I’ll never forget Jujubee’s lip sync to “Black Velvet,” but I’ve already forgotten everything on her Instagram feed besides this picture.

78. Vivacious

Every Drag Race fan should take a casual scroll through her IG once or twice, if just to see Vivacious and her post-Drag Race glow!

77. Dida Ritz

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you can’t get your lighting right, you’re not doing Instagram right. Read all about it.

Pooching with the #GlowMe Light

A post shared by DiDa Ritz (@didaswag) on

76. Kelly Mantle

Well, at least this made me laugh!

If I were a Mom… #mothersday #happymothersday

A post shared by Kelly Mantle (@kellymantle) on

75. Pandora Boxx

It’s can be hard to get across how funny you are in a photo, but when Pandora Boxx succeeds, she really nails it.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

A post shared by Pandora Boxx (@pandoraboxx) on

74. Jade Sotomayor

Jade posts one too many pictures with plebes for anybody who didn’t watch RuPaul’s Drag Race to wanna smash that follow button, but girl looks like she has fun. And hangs out with hot, shirtless men often. Goals.

Richs San Diego. Always a blast. See you next month. @cocomontresediva @yarasofiapr and I #originalfish #rugirls

A post shared by JadeSotomayor (@jadesotomayor) on

73. Shangela

Shangela isn’t anybody’s favorite, but she serves a good look from time to time.

72. Venis D-Lite

Do you like Madonna? Cuz you’d have to.

71. The Princess

Eh, nothing to see here.

70. Tempest DuJour

Well, she’s funny!

Your mantra DuJour.

A post shared by Tempest DuJour (@tempestdujour) on

69. Jinkx Monsoon

Giving head in public? Bold, girl.

Jinkx Monsoon in: Attack On Titan. (Thanks @divinemissmolly25 for the joke.)

A post shared by Jinkx Monsoon (@thejinkx) on

68. Coco Montrese

No photo editing going on here!

Daddy Lessons w/ cocomontrese

A post shared by Coco Montrese (@cocomontresediva) on

67. Mrs. Kasha Davis

She’s got some super lit friends.

66. Trinity K Bonet

Oh breastplate she better don’t.

Baking naked lolol #wichitapride #missglobe

A post shared by Trinity k Bonet (@trinitykbonet) on

65. Kandy Ho

This is by far the most eye-catching photo on her Instagram, but it’s definitely rated H.

For highlighter.

64. Peppermint

Sorry, Pep.

✊🏾#resistmarch #lapride #maclovespride {📸 @jeremykoststudio}

A post shared by Miss Peppermint (@peppermint247) on

63. Naysha Lopez

This picture more than makes up for the rest of her feed.

Last one I promise !!! 🙂 xoxo

A post shared by Naysha Lopez (@nayshalopez) on

62. Acid Betty

For a queen who serves such interesting looks, her feed is disappointingly full of boring promotional material.

61. Tyra Sanchez

Tyra’s a winner, baby.

Beyoncé: ok ladies now let’s get in formation! Me: Done… Cause I slay! 🍋🐝👑 #tyrasanchez

A post shared by Tyra Sanchez (@tyrasanchez) on

60. Vivienne Pinay


She was baaack! For one night only! Snow bunny at the @wowreport Xmas party! #viviennepinay #drag #snowbunny #rpdr

A post shared by Vivienne Pinay (@viviennepinay) on

59. Bebe Zahara Benet

Bebe may have won Drag Race when absolutely nobody was watching but her Instagram feed is look after flawless look.

It’s just kinda forgettable.

58. Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Why take the. recycling out when you can just make a wig out of it?

57. Dax Exclamationpoint

Literally don’t remember who this is, but she can get it!

I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom. #hausOfM #wildoutWednesday #afterTheParty #drag #life #brigittesMother #blondeambition

A post shared by Dax Exclamationpoint (@daxclamation) on

56. India Ferrah

I have absolutely no recollection of India’s time on Drag Race, but bitch really knows how to turn it out.

55. Alexis Michelle

Oh, little miss subway fish.

Boots fish

A post shared by Alexis Michelle (@alexislives) on

54. Roxxxy Andrews

Roxxxy may be thick and juicy, but the judges at Galore found her Instagram… boring.

Yayyyyy BELLE! For our twisted Disney party @southernnightsorlando

A post shared by Roxxxy Andrews (@roxxxyandrews) on

53. Derrick Barry

You better work, bitch.

That line wasn’t original, but neither is Derrick Barry so…

When the hotel bathroom lighting is just right. Thank you @ZurichPride & @AtlantisByGiardino!

A post shared by #DerrickBarry (@derrickbarry) on

52. Jaymes Mansfield

The weirdest bombshell you’ll ever meet.

51. Charlie Hides

She may be extra, but her feed needs a little extra to really make things work.

50. Nina Bo Nina Brown

Say what you will, but Nina Bo Nina Bombshell Brown is craft as hell. Just don’t expect her to get anything done in a time crunch.

49. Bob the Drag Queen

Bob’s the best, but Instagram is not her medium.

Flashback to @rupaulsdragcon. Gown: @realdominocouture Nails: @vie.lette Photo: @sanchezzalba for Paper Magazine

A post shared by Bob/ Caldwell Tidicue (@bobthedragqueen) on

48. Ginger Minj

They don’t make glamour toads like this anymore.

47. Yara Sofia

Serving boddy oddy oddy all night.

Happy Bday to me!!

A post shared by Yara Sofia Official (@yarasofiapr) on

46. Kennedy Davenport

Look! She can do tricks!

Don’t get it twisted after over 20 years I still got it.. Miss Gay USofA I’m coming with all I have…

A post shared by Kennedy Davenport (@davenportkennedy) on

45. Chi Chi DeVayne

One word: yahs.

I don’t know how to put #hollywood #idontgetreadyistayready #rpdr8 #chichidevayne #louisianadrag🐊

A post shared by Chi Chi DeVayne (@chichidevayneofficial) on

44. Mimi Imfurst

Mimi Imfurst’s Instagram seems like it couldn’t have been created by a robot and it might even make you laugh.

Or get “It’s a Hard Knock Life” stuck in your head. One of the two.

43. Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera is a beautiful trans woman who gave up the campy world of drag for modeling, cuz just look at her.

🌼🌸Flower Power 🌸🌼 Shooting today for Posture x Paper Mag @posturemag x @papermagazine 📸📸📸 #comingsoon

A post shared by Carmen Carrera | Model•Actress (@carmen_carrera) on

42. Morgan McMichaels

I’m sorry, is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

41. Sasha Belle

Sasha, you can ring my bell anytime!

another awesome and hilarious pic from @andrewchupp at gleam imaging

A post shared by Sasha Belle (@sashabelley) on

40. Raja

Raja’s probably too stoned to ever have a great Instagram feed, but at least she’s the most model-esque grandma in the business.

39. Detox

Detox’s genius doesn’t quite translate to Instagram. But just look at that ass.

#AboutLastNight #WerqTheWorld #London was ON FIRE and thanks to @bang__london & @websterwigs, so was I!

A post shared by Detox (@theonlydetox) on

38. Pearl

Brooklyn’s in the house.

Happy holidays from this doe hoe Head piece collaboration with/horns by @mitchellkulkin

A post shared by Pearl OFFICIAL IG (@pearliaison) on

37. Phi Phi O’Hara

I hate Phi Phi O’Hara as a person so I’m kind of biased, but her Instagram account is technically very good and I heard Buzzfeed once called her the #1 drag queen to follow on Instagram so… I guess I won’t move her down any further on the list.

Man hands and a pretty face tonight ;-P #WhereMyGlovesAt?

A post shared by Phi Phi O’Hara (@phiphiohara) on

36. Madame LaQueer

I hated Madame LaQueer when she was on the show, but she has braces now and I’m willing to reevaluate the situation.

35. Trinity Taylor

Trinity’s IG doesn’t do her any justice, except when it comes to butt content.

Exhibit one. Exhibit two.

My photographer is AMAZING!!! Go follow her @thedragphotographer

A post shared by Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor (@trinitythetuck) on

34. Robbie Turner

Think she knows how to ride it?

33. Gia Gunn


Just a touch of your love takes over my whole body #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful : @fyeahdragrace

A post shared by Gia Gunn Official Account (@gia_gunn) on

32. Tatianna

Tatianna is one fishy bitch, and I could look at this picture of her taking a shot of tequila for hours. Okay, for thirty seconds tops, but still.

I like tequila shots… : @billranier

A post shared by Tatianna (@tatiannagram) on

31. Thorgy Thor

Always the life of the party.

#fancypants @lifeball_official #vienna @highwastedstudio

A post shared by Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) on

30. Chad Michaels

Gag on it!

First of several new @cher photos taken by @wdphotoinc in Mark “Fake”obs #markjacobs

A post shared by Chad Michaels (@chadmichaelsallstar) on

29. Eureka O’Hara

TBH this wasn’t one of her better looks, but this photo/caption combo is the real deal.

Eat it! Photo by: @britterst #dragrace #season9 #eureka #beyourselftofreeyourself #phatfashionicon @rupaulsdragrace @wowreport @vh1

A post shared by Eureka! The Elephant Queen! (@eurekaohara) on

28. Trixie Mattel

Trixie has one look, but oh, honey.


A post shared by Trixie Mattel (@trixiemattel) on

27. Max

Part Old Hollywood, part emo thot.

Friday. Out in the west Texas town of El Paso. Playin at TOUCH, East San Antonio Avenue. ⚡️

A post shared by Max. (@maxcollective) on

26. Laila McQueen

She didn’t make it very far on the show, but something tells me she has what it takes to go all the way.

I forgot who originally made this but you is beautiful. You is brilliant.

A post shared by Laila McQueen (@misslailamcqueen) on

25. Bianca Del Rio

Everything you’ve ever heard about Bianca Del Rio is true. She’s got a big mouth, and she knows just how to use it.


A post shared by Bianca Del Rio (@thebiancadelrio) on

24. Courtney Act

Australia’s national treasure.

23. Ivy Winters

She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s get that girl’s hair some more goddamn space!

22. Latrice Royale

Grab a fork, world.

21. Aja

Aja’s captions can go a little overboard, but damn does she give good Instagram face.

20. Miss Fame

Beauty personified.

19. Shea Couleé

It’s true what they say: Shea slays.

18. Kimora Blac

This picture really speaks for itself.

17. Milk

Now appearing in a fridge near you.

off to #thekitchengala2017 @thekitchen_nyc — : @jamesbwhiteside

A post shared by Milk (@bigandmilky) on

16. April Carrion

In or out of drag, Ms. Carrion is stunning. And even better, her pictures all look like they were ripped out of a magazine. Carry on, girl.

15. Kim Chi

And she’s not afraid to say it.

14. Naomi Smalls

Legs for days, body for years.

tb from s8 tour @bennychu polaroid

A post shared by Davis Heppenstall (@naomismalls) on

13. Jasmine Masters

Jasmine Masters always has something to say, and it’s always hilarious.

Side hoes shut up

A post shared by Jasmine #thatpart Masters (@msjasminemasters) on

12. Alaska Thunderfuck 5000

Anus-thing is possible.

Check out my screen test for the new @pureformen commercial featuring @maxisms #STAYREADY

A post shared by Alaska (@theonlyalaska5000) on

11. Adore Delano


#rupaulsdragcon2017 #pogqueen

A post shared by Adore Delano (@adoredelano) on

10. Manila Luzon

Manila Luzon isn’t just a stunning queen, she’s the kind of queen who understands that if you need to put the picture through seven million filters to make it look OK enough to post on Instagram, then you should probably save yourself the trouble and just burn your phone.

@micjrez e io siamo guidati da Roma. @micjrez and I are being driven through Rome.

A post shared by Manila Luzon (@manilaluzon) on

9. Valentina

She’s a model!!!!

8. Farrah Moan

Queen of the highlight, princess of the thots.

7. Sasha Velour

Sasha probably isn’t going to win Drag Race tonight, but her Instagram feed has the rest of her season beat.

6. Katya

She’s absolutely insane.

Swan Lake by @magnushastings with lovely follicular assistance by @fenabarbitall

A post shared by Katya Zamolodchikova (@katya_zamo) on

5. Alyssa Edwards

Eat your heart out.

4. Sharon Needles

All this beauty and she’s got brains too!

No literally, that’s what’s holding her hair together. Congealed brain matter.

#tbt for my short film ‘Sharon’ by Marina Balko circa 2008

A post shared by Sharon Needles (@sharonneedlespgh) on

3. Laganja Estranja

She’s not always there when you call, but she’s always on brand.

And while I have you here, I dare you to just watch this video once.

2. Willam

You can’t spell thot without Willam. And I don’t care if that doesn’t make sense, it’s true.

Oh and p.s. she’s funny. Get jealous.

You goddamn well know it’s pride when there is like just one pack of Fleets left.

A post shared by WILLAM (@willam) on

1. Violet Chachki

I mean…

✨This is the front✨ Jewels- @eleascloset Hair- @eduvongomes Look- @houseofcanney Stoned by- @sailorsadgirl

A post shared by Violet Chachki (@violetchachki) on

Look at her go.

Happy Father’s Day

A post shared by Violet Chachki (@violetchachki) on

And P.S. before you come for me, yes there is a 113th queen, but seeing as Sahara Davenport died before Instagram was a thing, I respectfully didn’t include her on the list. I’m sure her feed would have been resplendent. RIP girl.

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