Daisy Gray wants you to learn from her experiences through her music

Daisy Gray first made waves releasing cover songs on YouTube under the name Grace Vardell.

If you used to make a habit of binge-watching YouTube videos at 3am, you’ve definitely seen Grace’s work – and the videos proved Grace had real, true talent.

Grace is now nonstop working on releasing music as Daisy Gray. Daisy has just released her newest 2-song EP, “About You / Rumours,” which you can listen to HERE. Daisy is also a model, and is still putting content out on YouTube.

We are so excited to share her newest music video for her song, “About You,” off of her most recent EP. Check it out below, along with some quotes from Daisy about her creative process and what the EP is all about.

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“Feeling things, good or bad, on an extreme level is both a curse and a blessing. But, when it comes to processing, it always pours out onto a page in my journal as either a song or poem or sometimes just a journal entry. These two songs I just released are both perfect examples of when I was going through difficult times that I needed to process,” explains Daisy of her newest EP.

Both of the songs from Daisy’s EP are reminiscent of her own experiences in relationships, and Daisy really wants her listeners to learn something when they hear the EP.

“‘Rumours’ was written during a tumultuous, toxic relationship with someone I thought, no matter how many people warned me, I could fix him. In the end, I couldn’t, and had to let go and put the pieces back together. The second, ‘About You,’ was kind of a by product of having tried in relationships and lost, thus giving up on love a bit and selfishly leaning on someone I didn’t want a relationship with so I’d feel less lonely. Someone that O felt guilty for spending so much time with when my heart wasn’t with him,” Daisy tells us about the inspiration behind the two songs.

And how does she write? What’s her creative process like? Well, it’s through journaling.

“My journal is packed with so many personal moments that I think are not too unique to just me. Life is about going through things and coming out the other side, you know and hopefully a little better and with a little more wisdom,” says Daisy.

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“Working with Mark Sandhoff on this video was an absolute blessing. His talent and artistic vision blew me away and he completely understood what I was going for and exceeded every expectation,” mentions Daisy, about the making of the video.

Don’t forget to check out the video and Daisy’s latest EP, both out now.

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