Why dads are the OG 90s trend influencers

If you think about it, dads are really the OG influencers on half of the trends out there today.

Got a Metallica tee from Forever 21? Your dad was actually at the show. Bought some new, over-sized, semi-unflattering, light-wash jeans? Your dad has been wearing them since 1984.

Yes, every one of our beloved “90s apparel” trends is actually just a feminized version of what your dad was rocking when you were a baby. Not sure how to pull off your dad’s fashion forward lewks? We’ve put together a guide below.

1. Dad jeans

Basically, “boyfriend jeans” are really “dad jeans.” Like, why pay $50 for a pair of loose-fitting, light-wash jeans when you could just grab a pair from your dad’s closet?? You know he hasn’t thrown out a single item of clothing since 1996! Though, if your dad is 6’4″ like mine, you prob won’t fit into them. No worries though, you can find super similar styles here.

2. Dad hats

Sure, you’ve made fun of your dad’s old, worn out Mets hat that he’s been wearing since before you could speak, but take a look at any influencer’s Insta page and you’ll see they bit that very look right off him. Forever 21 has got you covered, though, for hats that don’t have coffee stains and aren’t ripped at the seams. Shop here.

3. Dad shades

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Instead of cringing every time your dad pulls out his oversized shades on vacay, join him! Yes, those round-framed, hippie glasses that every girl owns are yet another style stolen from your padre’s high school wardrobe. Grab a pair here.

4. Dad tees

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Band tees are dad tees. I can verify this being that I’ve scouted through my dad’s drawer searching for a U2 shirt from one of the six billion times he’d seen them in concert. Super cute over fishnets. Sadly though, my dad just went to “enjoy the music” and never actually bought a souvenir t-shirt unlike most of the other dad’s out there. It’s ok though, we can still find replicas here.

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