“Curtain bangs” are about to be literally everywhere

I’ve long wondered what the emo side bangs of the 2010s would be, and the answer is finally here: curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs are straight-across bangs’ shaggier hot mess of a step-sister. They look good with shaggy hair cuts and the dishwater dye jobs (also known as “balayage”) that have been proliferating in cities throughout the world.

Suki Waterhouse has rocked curtain bangs for years. Alexa Chung has made them her staple. And now, according to the Pinterest gods, middle America has discovered them, too.

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Searches for curtain bangs on your cousin’s favorite wedding inspo database are up 600% this year, according to Refinery 29. 600%! That is a lot. And where Pinterest goes, the world’s basics follow. So after a few years of only British it-girls and Bushwick bartenders rocking the hell out of curtain bangs, we’re about to see bedgy girls get in on the fun. And then probably around mid-August of next year, curtain bangs will start popping up on the general female population.

sweet thang 😅 by @stephanieshootsfashion @tracehenningsen @nikkigrattan @kcwitkamp 🍏

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Nobody rocks them like Mal Merk though, amiright?

So who are curtain bangs good for? I don’t know, literally anyone who wants them! They have a major 70s vibe, so this definitely couldn’t be described as a polished, refined look. It’s more of a “rolled out of bed to get a taquito from 7-Eleven” look.

All this is to say that if you’re an insouciant, casual, DGAF cool-girl, curtain bangs might be your perfect next look. Conversely, if your clothing and makeup style is super-duper polished, curtain bangs could be an awesome juxtaposition for you, too.

Just keep in mind that, as mentioned before, these are the emo side bangs of the 2010s. That means 10 years from now, we’re all going to look back at curtain bangs and wonder what we were thinking. But for now, they look fresh as hell.

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