CREEP LA’s new show, AWAKE, is an experience that will get you in the Halloween mood

CREEP LA has been creeping everyone in the city out every Halloween season since 2016. This year’s show is titled, AWAKE, and it’s sure to put you on edge. 

“CREEP is a fully immersive, multi-sensory, walkthrough experience. Guests are guided by a cast of characters into a realm of frightful situations and one-on-one encounters all dripping with style and dread,” boasts Creep LA’s website.

The experience is a walk through house of horrors, and we were so excited when we got to get tickets ourselves.

The show was all we wanted and more – terrifying, immersive, and very, very remanent of all things that make Halloween so fun. Definitely go and check out this show and buy tickets before it totally sells out!

We sat down with the JFI Productions team to discuss AWAKE, upcoming projects, and the best horror films rn. Check out the interview below!

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How did the idea of CREEP LA come about?

CREEP LA was founded by a group of friends and artists looking to reimagine the conventional Halloween experience in Los Angeles. Produced by JFI Productions, CREEP LA is reinventing traditional haunt experiences by intertwining elaborate and in-depth storytelling with interactive aspects and emotional interactions.

Three years ago, CREEP LA’s inaugural show was met with rave reviews and we have been on a mission to creep people out since. Our 2016 show entitled ENTRY told the story of a tortured artist and enlisted a cast of 35 local actors. The season finished with sold-out performances and drew thousands of people through its doors.

In 2017, CREEP LA partnered with Amazon Prime Video to create an all-new experience inspired by Aaron Mahnke’s folklore podcast series, Lore. And our 2018 show, AWAKE, is turning nightmares into reality.

The narrative of AWAKE goes dark – does this come from any personal experiences?

We definitely pulled from some real-life experiences, from personal nightmares, news headlines, and our deepest fears. We always try to focus on the human condition while we create these worlds. Something that is relatable or just “all too real” and personal.

Top 5 horror films to watch this month?

1. Halloween (Duh)

2. The Witch (atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere)

3. Suspiria *2018 ( for bold colors and visual red, red blood)

4. Hocus Pocus (3 badass witches)

5. The Shining (Kubrick at his best)

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Why should everyone go see CREEP LA this year?

It’s a killer excuse to put down your phone for an hour and be fully present. Let your inhibitions go and let your dreams take over for a while. Everyone’s entitled to one good scare!

Creep is for guests who are eager to see familiar elements of horror and Halloween from entirely new angles. Although this year’s show shouldn’t traumatize anyone, they might be surprised by the theatricality and new direction that AWAKE takes. We are all about experimenting, so we welcome visitors who want to experiment with the kind of entertainment they seek.

CREEP LA: AWAKE is ideal for guests who want to get the creeps from every sense – see, feel, and even get creeped out by themselves and their friends. Most of all, it’s for people who want to venture into the darker side of LA and get a little weird.

What is next for JFI PRODUCTIONS after Halloween?

We have a few projects slated for 2019 that we are consulting and designing for. However, our goal is always to produce and write independently – there is just more freedom in the work and we are able to push the boundaries a little more.

After CREEP, we want to keep playing with how JFI guests can engage with environments, characters, and stories in new, strange ways. Follow our socials @Jfiproductions and visit  to check out our past shows + updates on what’s coming up next!

All Photos Courtesy of JFI Productions and CREEP LA

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