Thee Stallion, who’s touring with Iggy Azalea, knows how to spot a fuckboy

Megan “Thee Stallion” was just a regular-degular college student a year ago, and she’s now gearing up to open for Iggy Azalea and Cupcakke on their “Bad Girls” tour.

While her growing fame is taking her away from her hometown, you can never take the Houston out of Megan. Houston, Texas, that is. A city known for its chopped and screwed music, strip clubs, and, of course, Beyonce.

According to Megan, Houston is also a city that is hard to make it out of, and now that she has accomplished that, it’s time for her to reach new heights.

“People see a celebrity in Houston and we’re not going to like freak out so definitely I get a lot of love from my Houston Hotties but the farther I go from the south or just any other city they’re just freaking out,” says Megan.

With tour starting in less than a month (the first stop kicks off October 27th), Thee Stallion is hurrying to finish her new project, “Fever,” which she says is coming from a hot girl Meg persona. The last project tackled one of her alter egos, “Tina Snow,” featuring songs centered around knowing your worth and pointing out fuckboys left and right.

Much of her music touches on not settling for anything but the best and knowing what you, the bad bitch that you are, deserve.

Galore caught up with Megan to discuss fuck boy politics, her new project, and the Iggy tour. Check out the interview below!

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How has it been preparing for your new project?

I’m just recording a lot of songs right now. Everytime I think I’m done with it, I’m like wait, no, I got a new song I need to record. I’ll go record two more times, and I’m like this has to go on “Fever.” So, now I have so many songs and I really need to go through them and pick like exactly which ones fit the theme of the tape that I’m trying to have.

Your last project, “Tina Snow,” did really well, which ultimately led you to land the Iggy tour. What are your goals with “Fever?”

With every project I put out I try to just out do the last thing that I did so definentley with this one I want to do the same. This will be like a more turnt tape. People are going to see different types of visuals. The last visuals were cool and cute but the ones for Fever, are going have a theme everything will have concept and every video we shoot is going to be cute.

How are you feeling about your first tour?

Everybody knows me, they know I love to turn up, I love to twerk and I love to show out. I feel like I’m going to set the whole tone and the swag. I’m going to be a little firecracker you know I’m going to really turn up.

I’m just really crunk about it because I came from everybody knowing me from the cyphers and just to get in front a bigger audience and people I’ve never seen before I’m just really excited about it for my first tour.

How can you spot a fuck boy?

Some of them have that look. It can be the way they dress or it could be the way that they speak like they just giving off that vibe but some of them know how to hide it. Everything is going so right until you see that one stupid text like, “yeah, can I get a pic.” 2018 has been a weird year for dudes, I don’t know what they’re going through.


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What about in the club, how can you spot a fuck boy in the club?

The random dudes that pull out all their money and just flash it it in the club like spreading the dollars out and they got their homeboy recording. Or the dudes in their with 25 chains on, and they probably not even real.

Do they have a certain look?

It’s a way they put the clothes together. It’s not the brands or anything it’s just how they have it on. It could be a really nice guy with a Gucci belt but I just feel like they going to give you that vibe, their personality is going to give it off. If the first thing out his mouth is not, “what is your name,” then it doesn’t matter because you down even know me.

How do you know you have started a situation with one?

If you have to question why you would be staying with somebody 9/10 you’re not suppose to be with them. People stay in toxic relationships like just because they feel like the guy might change.

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