What He’s Dying To Try in Bed Based On His Sign

Everybody has their kink. Even having “no kink,” is almost like having a kink. But some kinks are frowned upon by society, and your man might be nervous to tell you that he’s dying to try a certain sex act for fear that you’ll call him disgusting or brutally reject him.

Well, that’s what we’re here for. Here’s what he’s dying to try in the bedroom, based on his sign.

Aries: Threesome With Two Guys

Aries love the chase and love being in control, so his ultimate fantasy is to take you with one of his bros. He’s confident enough to not be jealous, but adventurous enough to want to give this a try regardless.

Taurus: Threesome With Two Girls

Tauruses are pretty lazy in the bedroom (and in life), so Taurus guys love the idea of having two girls fighting over them, especially if it means they can sit back and enjoy rather than having to actually exert energy into pleasing someone. He would never want to share you with another dude, because he can be super possessive, but for obvious reasons he doesn’t mind sharing you with another girl.

Gemini: Sex In Public

Geminis are known for having sex in crazy places, so it only makes sense that they’d be down to get freaky in public. It might start with something semi-private, like a restroom or changing room, but what he really craves is to take you in front of other people. Unfortunately, unless you both attend a sex party and/or club, you might have to hold off unless you don’t mind risking a indecent exposure charge.

Cancer: Wants To Be Dominated

Cancers are all about feeling “wooed” and desired. A Cancer dude would probably jizz his pants if you told him you were going to tie him up and have your way with him. Well honestly, most guys might jizz their pants at this, since most are so used to taking the lead, but a Cancer especially. Let your inner dominatrix out!

Leo: Group Orgy

Leo loves to be the center of attention, which is why the idea of having a bunch of people fighting over them turns them the fuck on. They do have a fragile ego though, so if you agree to this fantasy, make sure you keep your focus on him so you don’t make him whine like a baby.

Virgo: Anal

Virgos don’t need toys or candles, they just want to fuck like the cavemen did it. Well, if the cave men were into butt stuff, that is. Virgos have a lot of pride, so if their guy friends are having anal, they want to be having anal too. Let’s just hope he only wants to have it once and then will be over it?

Libra: Mutual Masturbation

Libras are more about foreplay and verbal banter than the act of sex itself. Talking dirty with your Libra boo while masturbating in front of him will turn him on like no other. Slow touching is the way to go for a Libra, and the way to build a better orgasm.

Scorpio: Wants To Dominate You

Scorpios are controlling AF, and not just in the bedroom. But when it does come to the bedroom, they still want to be in charge. Letting your Scorpio boy toy tie you up will make them so fucking happy, just make sure you establish a safe word in case he’s too kinky for your taste.

Sagittarius: Rim Job

Those under the Sag sign are known as the “wanderers and seekers” of the zodiac. It just so happens that your Sagittarius probs wants to wander into your ass…with his tongue. Blame it on Jhene Aiko, blame it on Kim Kardashian, whatever. But Sag’s are naturally adventurous and want to try new shit, so you can only blame your partner.

Capricorn: Edging

Capricorns have lots of sexual stamina, and they don’t mind showing it off. Your Capricorn gets super turned on at the idea of edging, otherwise known as a form of orgasm control in which you bring your partner close to orgasm but then reduce the pleasure to keep them on edge.

Aquarius: Pegging

Aquariuses are always down to try new things and experimenting, even if its unconventional. So, when your Aquarius boo hears about pegging, he’s super down to reverse roles and try it out. If nothing else, it’ll give you both a new perspective on sex.

Pisces: Wax/ Temperature Play

Pisces are sensual and romantic, and they love the idea of “making love” rather than fucking. What’s more romantic than candles? Well…not all candles. If your Pisces boo wants you to drip candle wax on them during foreplay, make sure you get a proper candle designed for this, as regular old Yankee candles can cause burns. Either way, it should be hot.

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