7 Iconic Hairstyles To Cover Up A Bad Hair Week

We’ve all been there – your roots are growing out, your extensions are past due or your hair just refuses to work with you.

Unfortunately there are no sick days reserved for bad hair days and your boss probably wouldn’t think that’s an acceptable excuse for sidestepping work, anyway.

So before you start making up crazy stories about why you can’t make it to work, check out these iconic ways to look cute regardless of the situation on top of your head.

1. Twiggy (Faux) Pixie Cut

Fake Twiggy’s pixie with an off centre parting, strong-hold hair gel and a hair tie to hold back your locks.

2. Jenny From The Block Bandana

There are many ways to style the bandana but this look from the 2000 MTV VMA’s is quick, easy and classic.

3. Madonna Hair Bow

If your hair is wild and dishevelled like the queen of pop used to wear hers – don’t take a brush to it. Rather throw in a hair bow to create some structure and let your gorgeous mane do it’s thing.

4. Wig It Out Lil Kim

Way before Kylie Jenner stepped out in neon wigs. Lil Kim was doing it and making major statements. If you’re feeling bold and badass – embrace a wig for a few days.

5. Bridget Bardot Beehive

A lot of hairspray and a solid headband will help you achieve this style of perfect bombshell beauty hair.

6. Gwen Stefani Cornrows

There’s no doubt (excuse the pun) we love Gwen Stefani’s 90s hairstyle and all you need to recreate this look is sea salt spray for texture and a few hair ties.

7. Missy Elliot Bucket Hat

Hats are always a safe bet when you’re unsure of how to style your hair and back in 2002, Missy showed us all that bucket hats were the move.

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