Clay From “13 Reasons Why” Is in a Really Good Band IRL

Our favorite sad AF emo friend Clay Jensen from Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” is in a band and it’s like, actually good.

Otherwise known as Dylan Minnette IRL, he and his two friends Cole Preston and Braeden Lemasters make up the band called “Wallows,” and they’ve just released their first single called “Pleaser.”

First of all, let us take a moment and give thanks it’s not stylized as “WLLWS” or some shit…

Despite having only one single out, their Instagram page has a shit ton of followers already and Dylan’s personal Twitter is blowin’ up with quite literally some of the most awesome-slash-unoriginal tweets I’ve ever seen in response to the tune. Such examples include: “I love you, helmet” and “Can I have this on tape?”

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The band announced their first live performance for May 26th on Instagram on 4/20 in Los Angeles — and by 4/21, the show was sold the fuck out. Which means, we’re being relegated to listening to the one and only single over and over again… or standing outside the venue and crying onto a sequined “Helmet 4Ever” sign.

And this means either they are super popular already, or the place seats like six people.

Some people have claimed that the song sounds like “Yellowcard” or “Blink 182” or even “The Strokes,” but I’m gonna go ahead say it’s more like David Bowie’s “Heroes” got smashed in the face with The Ramones… but like, in an upbeat good way.

Check this bad boy out here:

What is the takeaway from all this? It’s that actors can actually be good at music too, and not just have a weird hobby band like Johnny Depp or Keanu.

And bonus, If you can’t handle listening to the song on repeat (or maybe you’re one of the Twitter followers that keeps begging for more music and posting that annoying crying emoji face one hundred times) then cry not my little emo revivalists: the band has made a Spotify playlist called “Driving with Wallows.” This eclectic mix has tunes all the way from Sky Ferreira to Childish Gambino, and will hopefully stave you over ‘til that next single drops…

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