These Chocolates Are Actually Supposed to Make You Prettier

If you’re reading this, you’re a genius.

I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to snack on chocolate all day and become more bodacious? I sure wouldn’t.

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That’s why when Sakara Life, every Victoria’s Secret model’s fave plant-based food company, released their Beauty Chocolates this month, we at the Galore office were all DTF (down to feast, naturally).

The founders of Sakara explained to us that these chocolates are built to do what skin creams can’t.

“The patented blend of phytoceramides in Sakara Beauty Chocolates go in to help rebuild the protective layer of your skin that seals in moisture, plumping the skin and smoothing out fine lines,” says Whitney Tingle, co-founder of Sakara Life.

The chocolates, which are bite-size chunks of dark chocolates loaded with 70mg of phytoceramides, are delicious.

In fact, they’re almost too delicious, ya feel? Like, I’ve had “healthy” chocolate before, and it was bitter af. These chocolates were not bitter, they were delicious, the perfect balance of dark chocolate with semi-sweetness.

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The recommended “dosage” by Sakara is 1-2 chocolates per day, and you’ll allegedly see “smoother, brighter, more youthful looking skin” in two weeks.

Sounds too good to be true? It probably is, but we wouldn’t know. Because instead of gracefully allotting two chocolates per day for ourselves to look our best, we ate them with abandon for a couple days until someone left them out in the sun and they all melted together.


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While none of us are beauty queens after munching on these tasty morsels (technically, we were already beauty queens), who can say no to an excuse to not only buy chocolates, but eat them every day as part of your beauty routine? Honestly, sign us up. This time we promise we’ll use them correctly.

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