The Euphoria Star, Chloe Cherry is hard to keep track of. With three movies in the works and other exciting TV appearances we still managed to get a hold of her. Chloe’s latest ventures include flying to NYC to film Peter Vacks new movie where she plays a pop-star. This is not hard to imagine, given Chloe’s fun and extroverted personality. Her fashion sense is also killer and really sets her apart! Her closet is adorned with the many fabrics from Versace, Moschino, Dior, Stella McCartney, Ashley Williams, Vivian Westwood, Blumarine, and so many more. On and off the screen, Chloe is a fashion icon to be reckoned with. We had a chance to interview Chloe Cherry on her latest projects, her favorite designers, acting goals, social media and of course her Euphoria fame. We hope you enjoy the accompanying images taken by Galore’s one and only, Prince Chenoa.


What have you been up to? You’ve spent a lot of time in New York, we’ve noticed

I’ve been looking for a place to move, packing my things, having the homies help me move in just one day. I went to NYC to film Peter Vacks new movie which was very fun. There is now a meme page filled with memes you would only understand by being a part of the set. Very niche. Very dimes square iykyk. The costumes were so cool I play a pop star and I got to live my full pop star dream. Before I left when I was still in LA I was doing some photo shoots which I love, hiking, thinking, going on dates, watching shows and movies I’ve meant to catch up on as well as books. Since I moved I have a hot tub I go in almost everyday. I have like 3 boyfriends so that’s fun. I have met cool new people and artists. Gone to see some cool art shows. And a lot of thinking. Curating a niche tik tok hour for my Instagram story. Fortnite dance, Depop shopping, my plant died, I met Tiny Jewish Girl, Zach Sokol is the coolest person in NYC, I love baseball caps I found one that says “wheel of fortune”, learning history on TikTok, watching people do drugs while not participating, switching between dissociation and pouting, buying precious moments online, did Eileen Kelly’s podcast who I’ve admired for a while, met the ion pack, and also, had some ideas. 

What was it like joining the cast to one of the biggest shows of a generation?

I think I died ’cause this must be Heaven! 

Current favorite designer or brand?

Versace is classic. I love a lot of small designers like sicko kittens, Hollywood gifts, bunny holiday, by Paulina Rosil, Cats n Scribbles. Also love Moschino, Dior, Stella McCartney, gcds, I’m sorry, Ashley Williams, Vivian Westwood, Blumarine, for love and lemons and so many more. 

Describe yourself in 4 words. 

Puppy, perfect, interested, excited.

What are your acting goals moving forward?

My acting goals moving forward are to continue to be entertaining on screen. I hope to play many different characters throughout my career and not much is really off limits. I want to be a million different people over my life and make people feel something each time. 

Your career has been very contrasting, however, what is one thing that remains common?

One thing that remains in common is I have great style. If I’m in a movie, on the runway or even in an adult movie I always love to wear cute clothing and accessories to bring a charm to everything you’re looking at.

Instagram or TikTok? Explain

TikTok. I feel like on TikTok I get this direct to consumer opinion based information from every person on the planet. I like hearing from all kinds of people and TikTok is good at showing you cool new stuff. Also just funny videos are the best!!!

What has been the craziest DM you’ve ever received since Euphoria fame?

Definitely the guy I went to high school with that said “congrats on being the most successful person from our high school” it just feels good to have bitches on my dick that used to brush me off in high school. 

Favorite Artist and songs at the moment?

My favorite artist right now is Blakethe man1000. I love his music and I also got to hang out with him a lot in NYC and he’s just the coolest. Also really into Aiden yobear who is another NYC classic. 

What projects can your fans expect from you next?

I have 3 movies in the works!!!! And some other cool TV stuff!!


Written and Edited by: Shirley Reynozo

Photographer & Creative Director: Prince Chenoa

Galore Art Direction Carlos Graciano @sadpapi666 

Casting & Producer: Louie Diaz

Stylist: Cara Gordon

Hair Artist: Graham Nation

Makeup Artist: Tami El Sombati


Cowboy Unicorn Glitter: 

chaps/briefs/boots: Jackalope Land @jackalopeland 

earrings: Dada by Dana @dada_by_dana 

gloves: @tako.mekvabidze @tata__la 

hat: Gladys Tamez Millinery @gladystamezmillinery  

Baby doll dress with Knife: 

dress: Serpenti Apparel @serpenti_apparel earrings: milkwhite @milkwhiteoffical @tata__la yellow ring: Anayah Jewellery @anayah_jewellery all other rings: Sterling Forever @sterlingforever 

boots: Akira @shopakira 

Leopard Hat/Choker: 

hat/necklace/gloves: Cecilio Leather Designs @ceciliodesigns 

Top: Joah Brown @joahbrown 

Silver Dress: 

Dress + Boots: Seyit Ares @seyit.ares 

Nails: Lillian Shalom @lillianshalom 

Necklace: Wasee Jewels @houseofwasee 

Red Choker: milk white @milkwhiteofficial 

earrings, purple bracelet, green bracelet: Anayah Jewellery @anayah_jewellery 

Bandanas and Jean: 

Gloves: amorphose @amorphose 

Pants: Mikhael Kale @mikhaelkale 

Top: Stylist’s Own Shoes: 

Naked Wolfe @nakedwolfe 

Necklace: Betty Bones @bettybonesco  

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