Chloe Bailey’s New Album “In Pieces” Explores Themes of Love, Loss, and Self-Discovery

Chloe Bailey first rose to prominence as one half of the iconic R&B duo Chloe x Halle, along with her sister Halle Bailey. The sisters have also demonstrated they are more than capable of captivating the world with their solo career. Chloe sets herself apart by her distinct vocal style, heartfelt lyrics, and genre-defying sound have secured her place in the spotlight. This is especially true in her latest album, “In Pieces”.

The Atlanta-born songstress says it all in her music. Over the years, Chloe has released a number of hit records that have captivated audiences and earned her critical acclaim. Most recently, surprise dropping singles “Body Do,” “Pray it Away,” and “How Does It Feel” showcasing her ability to seamlessly blend genres, from R&B to Soul to Hip-Hop. Her music is always deeply personal, with Chloe using her own experiences to craft songs that resonate with listeners. What’s more Chloe continues to show her multi-disciplinary talents in her latest appearance in Swarm, an Amazon series about the scary world of pop music fandom.

With “In Pieces,” Chloe is poised to take her solo career to new heights. Released through Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records on March 31, the album is a deeply personal and introspective project with visceral and emotional lyrics. Chloe pushes her vocal range and brings us in to her journey of healing by exploring themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. We are grateful to her compositions. Her album is able to capture the nuances of our emotions and gives us a powerful lyricism from which we can envision our own pain and triumphs.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Chloe on her new album, “In Pieces”. She has expressed her excitement and anticipation for sharing this new body of work with the world. She has also talked about the ways in which the album represents a new chapter in her life and career, and the ways in which it reflects her growth as an artist. Keep reading for more!

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Congratulations on your album’s release! How does it feel now that it’s out there? 

It feels amazing knowing my album is finally released and out there for the world. I’m truly proud of myself for my bravery and vulnerability and how honest I was through these lyrics. This music really helped save me. And this is what I was creating to pull me out of what I was going through as this is therapy for me. I’m really proud of myself because I was strong enough to let people into my deepest thoughts.

How would you describe the album’s overall sound and vibe?

In Pieces is such a conceptual album. I’ve always been a fan of 808’s & Heartbreak by Kanye because he took you through a journey even throughout the production. That’s what I wanted to do.

Do you explore any specific messages or themes on this album? 

In Pieces is about heartbreak that I have caused myself. That family and friends have caused or even in relationships. It’s about knowing that it’s OK to admit when something is not helpful to you.

Which song on the album was the most difficult to write? 

I would have to say it would have been…I mean it was the easiest song to write but the most difficult to continue to listen back to because of how honest I was being. Definitely “Make It Look Easy,” even as I was recording that song I was fighting tears. I’d have to pause in between each take to kind of swallow the tears I was holding so it didn’t mess up anything vocally. I wrote that song in five minutes but it took me about a month and a half to be able to listen to it without crying.

Which song on the album holds the most special part of your heart 

“Someone’s Calling” because every time I hear that it reminds me of being in South Carolina. It takes me back to visiting my grandparents who lived in South Carolina and my grandfather would always sing to me, “Chloe, Chloe” from the Louis Armstrong song, “Song of the Swamp.” Anytime the intro begins it takes me right to where I came from. I love my grandpa so much so it always brings me such joy and happiness every time I hear that.

Could you tell me about some of the collaborations on the album and how they came about? 

“How Does It Feel” with Chris Brown came about when I had a session with Hitmaka and he played me a few songs. Then he played me this one. And Chris’ vocals were on there and the female demo singer. I was in love with the song and I wanted to cut this immediately. And I cut it in like an hour, went home and was like “Yeah this is amazing.” I knew it would go somewhere. I didn’t know exactly where it would end up or land but I’m happy in landed on “In Pieces.”

With “Cheatback” I had that song for around 2 years. I always loved this song. And I know I was really beating up on the fellas lyrically. I didn’t want to go so hard without giving a man a chance to respond and speak up for the gentlemen, like I’m speaking for the ladies. So as I was getting closer to the mixing and mastering, I was so happy when I got Future’s vocals to “Cheatback.” I fell in love with everything he was saying and his melodies and I just thought it was so genius.

And with the legendary, iconic Missy Elliot that came about after I honored her at the Grammy’s BMC performance. I still cannot believe that someone as incredible and special and iconic as her graced my project. So, I’m really happy with how all the features turned out. It’s people that I’m a fan of and who I love and I feel that they just really made the album that much more special.  

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Were there any obstacles you had to overcome while working on this album? 

I feel like anything good never comes easy. But I feel like the biggest obstacles were obstacles I would put on myself. Sometimes my thoughts would get the best of me, and I would believe the things that they were telling me how I can’t do this or what if the project isn’t good and things of that nature. I was so used to people in my life telling me that so I began to believe it. And anytime that I would begin to feel differently, my mind would think otherwise – It would say “Nope, you got to go back to this suffocating, suppressing mindset. So I feel like that was the biggest obstacle.

What influences did your personal life and experiences have on the music on this album? 

The whole album was influenced by my personal life. There’s not one song on there that had nothing to do with what I was actually going through.

Can you tell us about any lyrics or lines from this album that have special meaning for you?

One of my favorite lyrics was in the song “Worried.” And the one I love is, “I’m over here doing so well so I’m not worried.” I love that because it’s so nonchalant and its trusting you’re going to be OK. There’s also another lyric. It says, “If you spend all the time you spend on me on yourself and you’ll get peace of mind, you could be somebody else.” I love that line because I feel like we’re constantly consuming our time with pointing the finger at others when we don’t realize that three are pointing right back at us. So it’s like the time that you’re using to try and steer me off my track and path and make me feel insecure and less than about myself, if you put that energy in working on yourself, then you’d be in a lot better place. But, instead, you want to use that energy worrying about me.

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