CHEIQ and Lala Ri Reign Supreme in “Hot Beach”

In the vibrant landscape of pop and hip-hop music, Brooklyn-born artist CHEIQ and Atlanta’s drag sensation Lala Ri have joined forces to create “Hot Bitch,” a track that’s as much a declaration of self-worth as it is a pop anthem. The song, with its pulsating beats and empowering lyrics, serves as a demonstration of strength and autonomy, leaving no room for subjugation or disrespect.

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CHEIQ, with her roots firmly planted in the diverse culture of Brooklyn, has always envisioned herself in the limelight. Her journey to stardom began with a childhood dream, sparked by the awe-inspiring performances of “The Lion King” on Broadway. This early exposure to the arts fueled a burning desire within her to take the stage and captivate audiences. Over the years, CHEIQ refined her craft through various artistic disciplines, including musical theatre, acrobatics, and even clowning. Each experience contributed to her unique approach to performance, aiming to create immersive experiences that resonate deeply with her audience.

“Hot Bitch” emerges as a culmination of CHEIQ’s artistic endeavors and personal aspirations. The song is a bold statement, encouraging listeners to tune out negativity and focus on their own self-belief. CHEIQ’s message is clear: “There will always be haters in the world but the only thing that matters is that you love yourself.”

The lyrics of “Hot Bitch” echo CHEIQ’s philosophy, with lines like “I’m hot / I’m rich / I’m that song / That you never skip” serving as a powerful reminder of her talent and self-confidence. In an industry where external validation is often sought after, CHEIQ stands firm in her conviction that her self-love and dedication to her career are what truly matter. “I am 1000% focused on my career,” she affirms. “Everything I do is for CHEIQ. I am either working to make money to get my career to where it needs to be or in the gym working on my health so that my performance is where it needs to be.”

CHEIQ’s decision to collaborate with Lala Ri was driven by mutual respect and a shared commitment to excellence. For CHEIQ, Lala Ri embodies the essence of black excellence and self-empowerment. About the experience of collaborating with them, she mentions how their work ethic and presence inspired her, and her desire to work again with Lala Ri in the future.

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When it comes to the music video, CHEIQ used it to take the concept of female empowerment to a whole new level. The clip takes the stories of three powerful women – Medusa, the Queen of Hearts, and Marie Antoinette – to craft a narrative of revenge against those who wronged them. We see CHEIQ embodying each of these characters, enacting their revenge with style and ferocity. CHEIQ explains that she wanted to “flip the story on its head” with these historical figures. She reimagines Marie Antoinette as a powerful ruler, Medusa as a creature who exacts revenge on her attacker, and the Queen of Hearts as a protector of her beloved garden.

“Hot Bitch” is not just a song; it’s an anthem for anyone who has ever felt underestimated. It’s a celebration of self-worth and a call to rise above negativity. As CHEIQ continues to push boundaries and redefine norms, “Hot Bitch” stands as a beacon of defiance and self-empowerment in the pop music scene.

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