Check Out Bella Hadid’s Dank AF Slurpee Order

Before Bella Hadid got her protest on Sunday afternoon, the supermodel sisters made a pit stop at 7-Eleven to get herself best protest snack of them all.

A super dank Slurpee.

And thanks to Us Weekly copy chief Marla Garfield, we know it wasn’t just a dank Slurpee, it was a crazy Slurpee.

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Just like Bella, Marla found herself having a hankering for a cold wet one before shouting on the street for a couple of hours, so she stopped into one of Lower Manhattan’s numerous 7-Eleven franchises.

Lo and behold, who should walk in than superfamous supermodel Bella Hadid.

Only Bella had a problem.

As she stood in front of the Slurpee station, she seemed overwhelmed by all the choices.

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So Marla did what any media writer would do when confronted with a rogue celebrity in the wild: she talked to her.

“Start with Coke,” Marla instructed Bella. “Then do wild cherry, then put the lid on, then top it off with black cherry.”

And you know what?

Bella heeded her advice.

And you know what else?

She thought it was delicious.

“Oh, my God, that’s perfect!” Bella responded.

So, there you have it.

Bella Hadid drinks crazy Slurpees at 7-Eleven and is very open to suggestions when it comes to her snack needs.

So the next time you see her in a convenience store, stop and say, feel free to play the game, “see what I can convince a supermodel to buy.”

If you’re lucky, you may just get to write an article about it that writers like me will aggregate for themselves.


[H/T Us Weekly]

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