The Cheapest Flight Day of the Summer Is Coming Up

It’s not too early to start planning your summer vacay.

First off, the sooner you tell your boss you have to GTFO, the more time they have to prepare. Second, the sooner you book a flight, the cheaper it’ll probably be.

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But more importantly, the cheapest day of the year to fly is coming up pretty soon.

According to, the cheapest day to fly this summer is Tuesday, June 6th, reported Elite Daily.

That’s super early in the summer, and some of you might have school or whatever. But fuck all that shit and travel the world before we all get smashed into smithereens!

If you can’t travel early in June and still want to bargain vacay, check out this Spanish airline that’s offering flights from Cali to Spain for just $150!

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Or you know, just spend another summer sneaking into your friend’s pool and sweating on the subway. Sounds fun!

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