Charmaine Daudu Reveals Her Secret To Healthy Curls

Meet Charmaine Daudu, our Instagram girl of the week!

Charmaine’s a creative director and beauty vlogger with a Youtube account full of all the beauty advice a girl could ever need. We caught up with her to find out her go to products at the moment and her secret to healthy curls. See what she had to say, below.


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The most important beauty product for festival season?

Sunscreen! It’s all fun and games in the moment, but spending long hours in the sun can do a number on your skin. I speak from experience, when you wake up burnt, blistered and peeling, you quickly forget how much fun you had, and focus on how careless you were. We only have one body, so protect it! If you don’t care about the health effects of the sun yet, another issue, from the vanity perspective, would be premature wrinkles.

What’s your biggest tip to healthy skin?

My biggest tip is hydration, both internal and external. Drinking water does wonders for the skin. Not only does drinking water regularly give you a more youthful look, but it also helps to keep skin clear of breakouts. Moisturizing is equally important to maintaining healthy skin. I think people often focus on their face, legs, knees, elbows, feet, and often forget about their necks and hands. Start moisturizing these areas from a young age, as they are usually the tell tale sign of aging skin.

What skincare products are you in love with right now?

My two staples at the moment would be the Tarte Maracuja Oil, it’s moisturizing without being too heavy, and it’s great for those with skin on the drier side. I apply it to my face every morning after washing my it. My other favorite is the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream. I tend to wear it at night, applying it before bed as it’s a bit heavier. I consider the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream to be a lovechild of coconut oil and vaseline. It’s got the characteristics of both… the ingredients are gentle and moisturizing.

What’s your favorite drugstore product?

My favorite drugstore product would be Maybelline Bronze BB Cream — it is amazing! Golden bronze perfection, it’s like a regular tinted BB cream/moisturizer with an illuminator within it.

How do you keep your hair so healthy?

It’s been a battle. Curly hair takes some time and research if you want it to flourish. I spent many years bleaching and dyeing the life out of my curls. I have been without any hair dye for the past year and I have seen my curls literally come back to life. When I want pink, purple, teal, or blonde hair, I just throw on a wig now and spare myself any damage. Along with protecting my hair from harsh chemicals, I deep condition often and use products that are mostly natural. Coconut oil is imperative!

If you could only do one workout forever what would it be?

It would running. I ran track for a good portion of my life and it’s the one form of exercise that works the best for me. Not only does it keep me toned pretty much all over, but it’s also great for peace of mind!

What nail polish color would you be?

Tropical colored glitter, without a doubt.

Do you have an emergency pimple fixer?!

Yes! 10% Benzol Peroxide Gel works wonders overnight, but it also bleaches your towels… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

You’re going out for dinner and drinks with the girls. What color lipstick are you wearing? Any particular brand?

This is hard! I switch things up pretty often, but I think my ride or die shade would be Lady Danger by MAC — it’s a beautiful vibrant red/orange shade.

You’re going on a date and you’re going for sultry lashes. Do you choose strip lashes or extensions?

Mascara only. My natural eyebrows kind of suck… I blame the 90s. But my natural eyelashes are, long and curly. I like to give them the respect they deserve and let them stand alone.

It’s festival season and you’re shopping for bronzer. Which one do you buy?

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer for festival season for that extra bronze look, but I have to mention Rimmel London Bronzer in Sun Dance because it’s been my old faithful.

Your brows got waxed a bit too thin. What product do you use to fill them in?

I would say Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate, Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Soft Brown, and Milani Eyebrow Wax Pencil.

You’re about to be on long flight. What product do you never fly without?

Palmers Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick is perfect for dry skin on board. And I always travel with a poncho, they look chic in the airport and then serve as a great blanket on board!

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