Between dj-ing, modeling, entrepreneurship and acting, we really don’t know how Charly Jordan does it all. From leaving home at a young age to making her dreams come true, Charly’s story is one you need to know. We sat down with Charly Jordan to find out how she has gotten to where she is now and everything in between.  

Dress: Vassia Kostara
Earrings: Alexander McQueen
Ring: Lag World


How did you get into your career as a DJ? Tell us your story.   

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, where some of the best DJs in the world have residences. Growing up, I thought this was normal, but as I’ve gotten older, I realized how unique it is. I grew up around a lot of EDM music. When I started using social media and creating travel videos, I incorporated a lot of that music into my content and began to want to create my own music to accompany my videos. Additionally, I was hired by many festivals to help produce their after movies and recap videos, which exposed me to a lot of DJs. 

Everyone could see that DJing was something I wanted to learn. I started asking my DJ friends what I needed to do to get into it, and before I knew it, I had my own pair of CDJs (turntables) and taught myself in my bedroom over the next three years. I also received help from friends like Nghtmre, 3lau, and Shipwrecked on DJing and producing. 

Growing up your family was a part of the Mormon religion. What made you decide to leave the faith? Are you currently close to any of your family members that are still a part of that community?   

As I got older, I began to naturally question many basic principles of the church, and I found that my home life did not align with what the church was teaching. This disconnect was very confusing for me as a child. I felt like my reality and home life did not match the religion, so I decided to leave. As a result, because the religion I was raised in is very strict, I did not speak to my family for two years. However, I am very close with them now. I still don’t speak to many of the people I grew up with, not by choice, but because they choose not to engage. 

Sheer Silk Top, Bra, Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana
Gold Earrings: Jenny Bird
Jewelry: Bangelle

When did you begin modeling?   

I began modeling when I lived in Las Vegas, but I really got heavily into it after moving to Utah. During one trip to LA, I met with every major modeling agency but was turned down by all of them. So, I decided to leverage my platform to pursue my modeling career independently. Overnight, I gained a massive following, and those same agencies came crawling back to sign me. However, I chose to remain independent and stick to the strategies that brought me success.  

Let’s talk about your life as an entrepreneur. What made you start your organic smoking products like “Smoke Roses”?   

Everything I’ve created as an entrepreneur is a product that I envisioned for the world but didn’t exist yet. Cannabis has been transformative in my life, and I simply wanted a clean, organic smoking device that also looked appealing—something sexy. I enjoy smoking my rose petal cones and sharing them with friends and family. 

Denim Set: Coperni
Boots: Valentino
Chain Necklace: Exoterix
Earrings: Alexander McQueen

What was the inspiration behind your brand “Beauty in Pain”?   

Beauty in Pain” was a happy accident that came about because of who I am as a person. I designed a tattoo for my wrist when I was 18 as a reminder not to self-harm. Many people asked me about my tattoo all the time, which I loved, so I decided to turn it into a necklace. Once I made it into a necklace, my team started using it as my logo, and it just evolved from there. 

Numerous people inquired about what it meant and where they could get the necklace, and they were always disappointed when I told them it didn’t exist for purchase. At that point, I realized I had to create them. As soon as I made them available, they started flying off the shelf and continue to sell because of what they represent. This dagger serves as a conversation starter for mental health around the world and provides people with the opportunity to share their stories. 

Since releasing the dagger, I’ve created various other dagger and rose-themed jewelry pieces to support additional initiatives, and I donate a percentage of proceeds to several nonprofits we support. 

You’re on the Peacock new series “Ted” as the character Sheila. Talk to us about what this experience has been like getting into the acting world. What have you learned so far?   

Being in that series was one of the most unique opportunities I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m incredibly thankful that Seth MacFarlane trusted me to play Sheila. I spent two weeks on set at Universal Studios, surrounded by incredibly talented people in the industry. I hope to continue featuring in roles like that and more! 

Dress: Vassia Kostara
Earrings: Alexander McQueen
Ring: Lag World

What is your current must have skin care products?   

I’m obsessed with Elemis and their new collagen line! I use their balm every day. 

As we gear up for festival season, what are a few tips you can share with Galore readers on how to survive those long and hot stage sets?   

Make sure you always have a CamelBak backpack or some form of water with you at all times. I promise, if you bring along a protein bar or some grapes, you’ll thank me later. Have fun with your outfit and don’t take it too seriously! 

Who are your dream brand collabs that you’d love to work with?   

I would love to work with The Ocean Cleanup and Balmain. 

Are you working on any special projects this year? 

I’ve been spending a lot of time this year working on music. It’s taking a bit longer than I initially planned, but the wait is going to be worth it. 

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