Charlotte Lawrence took her love for singing, acting and songwriting and has made an amazing career from it. With her newest single “I Don’t Want to Dance” taking soundwaves by storm, we sat down with her to discuss going on tour this Spring, the inspiration behind some of her music and much more!


How did you get your start in singing and songwriting? 

My parents always joke that I came out of the womb singing! I always gravitated towards it. I started taking piano lessons at age 5 and made a compromise with my wonderful teacher: half the lesson was spent learning classical music and boring music theory, and the other half spent learning songs of my choice and getting to sing along. The rest is history! 

Back in 2021 you released your “Charlotte” EP which features 7 intimate songs about your battle with anxiety, dependence and addiction. For anyone who’s never heard this project, what is the first song they should listen to and why? 

 I’d say, “Slow Motion”. I think that song is so cool. I’m proud of that one, and I think it represents the time in my life that I released that project really well. 

Birds of Prey with Margot Robbie was such a big movie when it was released in 2020 and your song “Joke’s on You” was featured on the soundtrack. A modern spin on Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me”, the track talks about getting out of a toxic relationship. Tell us about how you got on the soundtrack and created the accompanying music video. 

Still one of the coolest things in my career! What a sick movie that was, and such an incredible opportunity. Atlantic reached out about a soundtrack and asked me to be on it. I remember it being put together quickly and going to record the song immediately when I was in London for something. I was so jetlagged I barely remembered that day at all until I heard the finished version and LOVED it. “Joke’s On You” still feels like such a powerful, badass song to me. It makes me feel strong and cool. 

You recently released your latest single, “I don’t wanna dance” accompanied by a visual. Tell us about how this song came about and the creative direction behind the music video. 

I wrote this song with Simon Says and Shy Martin; I remember us writing it so quickly. The main line of the chorus “I don’t wanna dance, I don’t wanna be your baby” was said aloud and then we just crafted the entire song around that in like 2 hours. It was wonderful.  

Then Simon Says co-produced it with the legends, Ben Gibbard and Andy Park. It’s one of my favorite songs. I love it so much. The music video was all Charlotte D’Alessio. All I did was show up and act. She did it all. From the idea to the direction to the editing. Tyler Shields helped us a lot as well, special shout out. It wouldn’t have happened without him. He’s also a legend. 

 Last year you released another heartfelt hit single “Bodybag”, that was featured on Apple TV’s “Shrinking”. In the video, you’re in a dark place wrapped in a body bag with your eyes filled with tears. Take us back to when you were in the studio working on this song and talk us through the process of creating it. Was there inspiration for this song? 

I was deeply heartbroken and felt betrayed and depressed and all the feelings that come with heartbreak at that time in my life, and I was bottling it up on a day-to-day basis. I went into the studio and just decided to let it all out. I needed to write that song so badly. It was itching to come out. I definitely healed and forgave and let go through writing “Bodybag”. It’s forever a favorite song of mine. I wrote this song with Sean Douglas, Mark Landon, Aidan Rodriguez, and Jason Hahs. 

In the upbeat pop anthem “Boys Like You”, you’re singing about a girl you really like who likes boys more than she likes you. How did this song come about? Do you have any other songs where you discuss the complexities of bisexuality? 

Nick Long came into the studio with that hook melody and we all instantly knew it was rad. We ran with it. I wrote this song about developing feelings for a friend who was straight- true story! I wrote this song with Ali Tamposi, Nick Long, Dallas Caton, and Roman Campolo. 

You’ve performed live on Jimmy Kimmel as well as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. What shows would you like to perform live at in the future? What are a few things you’ve learned so far from performing live? 

I love performing live! I love the Jimmys, I love Stephen Colbert, I love all talk shows! I watch all my favorite musicians perform on talk shows, so I’d be so grateful to perform on any one of them. Obviously, pipe dream is SNL! 

You’ll be joining Madison Beer on The Spinnin Tour for 16 shows starting April 24th. What cities can supporters catch you at? What are you most looking forward to about this tour? 

I’m so excited!!!! You can catch me from April 24- May 18 along the East Coast of America! I can’t wait. I’m so looking forward to performing my new music every night, and I’m so beyond excited to just hang out with Madison. She’s one of my best friends and I couldn’t love her more. 

What’s next for you? Can we expect a full body of work anytime soon? 

Yes yes yes! I’m in an Apple TV show that comes out in a few months, and my album will be just around the corner of that! 

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