Charlotte D’Alessio is a Walking Blueprint of the Modern Gen- Z It-Girl

Charlotte D’Alessio is one of the most notable digital talents in our industry and is a walking blueprint of the modern Gen- Z It-girl. The year is 2015 and you attend Coachella with hundreds of thousands of attendees and your photo goes viral online taken by photographer Bryant. She then goes on to score a modeling contract and the rest is history as they say. Fast forward to 2023 she’s on billboards between Los Angeles and New York, becomes a regular face of the Marc Jacobs fragrance campaigns, conquering TikTok with vintage style hauls, sharing her billboard (Yes, that was her alongside David Dobrik on Sunset Blvd) campaigns on Instagram and filming her hit podcast “Between Good & Evil’ with the coolest talent in the industry. We sat down with the multi-hyphenated talent to discuss her style evolution, TikTok and all things between good and evil.  


How are you doing and feeling about 2023? What did you do to ring in the new year?

Feeling great about 2023! Been very focused on my work. It’s been a great way to start off this new year truly. I celebrated at my friend Sam’s party. My New Years kiss was hugging my friend Chiara.

How does it feel to be known as the girl who was discovered at Coachella? It’s a huge part of how people identify you. 

Honestly, I didn’t know I was known for that but I’ll take it haha! That’s cool. Super grateful for that experience forever. Felt very very lucky to be spotted like that for whatever reason and It’s truly metaphoric of how I’ve felt a lot of my career in modeling. I feel constantly so lucky and constantly SOOO grateful that to some degree people want to see me in this industry. I always say idk why I’m here but I’m so happy that I am and that I feel like the industry itself is the one that put me here.

Tell us about your style evolution. (Something we noticed is talked about a lot online) 

Hahah OMG! It’s funny because I did a podcast on this topic in length because of the comments I saw. And to be honest I didn’t really think it was a big deal or that anyone cared or would notice. If I’m being completely honest. I just wear whatever I want. Sometimes I like looking sexy, sometimes I like looking like a boy or a fairy. It depends on the day and how I identify with them all. I dress for myself at the end of the day; I think everyone should.

Favorite places to shop right now?

I love flea markets, ebay & depop. It’s really fun for me to search for pieces. I genuinely enjoy spending my time that way

Congratulations on your podcast ‘Between Good & Evil’ – Can you tell us what we can expect on future episodes? How has the experience and feedback been thus far?

Thank you, haha! You can expect a proper schedule I guess. I legally now have to post once a week, so that is new.  And really fun guests! I’m so fucking grateful that these people want to come on my podcast and talk to me for 2 hours. Truly such a cool job. I think the truest expression of who I am always was who I was in a conversion with someone else. That’s why I love doing this podcast and I love the idea that these videos will be a time stamp of where me and the guest are both at in our lives.  And my kids will be able to watch them one day; that’s so sick.

What advice would you give to anyone trying to build a following on TikTok?

Just have fun. Literally. All my tiktoks are all super in the moment and a lot of the time are on the first take (not always).  I think people like the authenticity of it. And the story of you taking it right then and there doing whatever you’re doing. Don’t try too hard to get it exactly perfect. I think spontaneity is the best part  

You’re from Canada – how was it growing up there?

Canada was fun for sure. More simple. Spent a lot of my childhood outdoors. I loved that people didn’t even think about celebrity culture like they do here. I kinda miss that. That and my childhood home.

Can you share one of the biggest misconceptions about you that people make?

I don’t really know what people think of me to be honest. I kind of gave up on trying to steer that ship. I just think that everyone is the same in a sense and we’re all trying our best. 


Crew Credits

Talent: Charlotte D’Alessio

Photographer: Stolenbesos

Stylist: Tabitha Sanchez represented by The Only Agency

Hair: Karen Arechiga

Makeup: Matthew Fishman

Edited by: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

Producer: Louie Diaz

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