Watch Charli XCX Dance Over a Passed Out Dude On TV

What do a white furry bra, a passed out dude, and an empty solo cup all have in common?

They were all a part of Charli XCX’s performance Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Listening to a Charli XCX song is the equivalent of freebasing a six pack of red bull and washing down a bag of flaming hot Cheetos with a bottle of your local liquor store’s finest champagne.

Her music, just like her personality, is bombastic, feminine, and bratty in the most goal ways possible.

Last night was no exception.

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Wearing a white fur coat over a white fur bra and a white fur pair of hot shorts, Charli strutted around a white fur-covered stage, performing her new single “After the Afterparty” and her as-yet-unreleased song “Bounce.”

At times, she loomed over the random unconscious dude who shared the stage with her — who just so happens to AG Cook of PC Music, whom Charli’s been working on her new album with — but most of the time she just did her own thing, having more fun than some musicians seem to have in their whole career.

To me the message, if there was a message was, as a five-year-old would say, girls rule and boys drool. Literally. Because they passed out and you didn’t. Because you’re a champion.

Watch Charli’s performances below and thank your lucky stars there’s less than eight hours between you and limitless opportunities of the weekend.

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