Kendall Jenner Once Requested a Man Bun to Seem Chiller at a Party

Remember, if you will, back to last year when Kendall Jenner made her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut.

She wore a corset, she told Caitlyn she wasn’t invited, and then she showed up to the after party wearing a shiny pond scum-green dress with a slit almost up to her belly button. It was a lot of look.

So, Kendall went ahead and asked her hair stylist to give her a man bun so she could look more like a chill girl and less like an “OMG you so extra” girl.

“I was doing Lily Aldridge’s hair for the after-party, and Kendall walked up to me and kindly asked if I’d do her hair too,” celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa told Cosmo. “When she was finally in my chair, she said she wanted to do a man bun so her hair would look more relaxed against her super-angular after-party look. I gave her an easy look that was just thrown together.”

Oh Kenny, never change.

[H/T Cosmo]

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