You Can Now Blame Drunk Munchies on Science

Drinking is fun. We’re not denying that.

But too much drinking can be unhealthy for a bunch of reasons. It makes you do stupid stuff, it’s high in calories, and it sets off a vicious cycle of drunk and hungover binge-eating. And no one ever binge ate carrots, you know?

Thanks to a new study, though, you can at least blame the drunk-eating part of the equation on science.

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Researchers in the UK (where they really know a thing or two about binge drinking) got some mice turnt af. And they found that all of the drunk mice ate more, while the ones they hadn’t fed alcohol stuck to their regular diets.

The increase in alcohol was basically the same among male and female mice, and the researchers concluded that drunk-eating is basically inevitable. It can strike anyone, regardless of socialization and personal beliefs.

This means that if you have a drunk eating problem, it’s totally natural. If it makes you feel like shit every time you drink, though, you might want to stop drinking so much.

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[H/T Broadly]

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