Camila Cabello Gets Her Love Advice From T Swift, So Good Luck To Her

Generally speaking, Taylor Swift’s influence over pop culture is waning these days, but at least she’s got one friend who’s still willing to listen to everything she says and nod, “Yes, your Switfyness.”

Everybody’s favorite budding starlet, Camila Cabello.

Despite all the numerous disastrous, age inappropriate and manufactured relationships Taylor’s been a part of, Camila doesn’t see any problem with getting her relationship advice from T Swift.

Those who can’t do teach, right?

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In an interview with Latina, Camila gushed about all the pearls of wisdom she gleans from her wise, fearless blonde leader:

“Our friendship has never been about career or anything professional. I tell her about boys and cry to her about boys. She’ll give me advice like, ‘No, do not text him back.’”

Well, if Camila wants to say Taylor’s the expert, I have only three words to say to her.

Good luck, girl.

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[H/T Perez Hilton]

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