If you’ve ever felt like you were too young to conquer the world, Calah Lane is your daily reminder that age is just a number. Ahead of her 15th birthday, Calah has already starred in a major film, worked with countless A-listers and she’s just getting started. If you want to get to know Calah a little better keep reading for an exclusive interview with Hollywood’s newest young star.


You’re originally from Texas but moved to LA for your acting career a few years ago. Can you talk to us about what growing up for you was like and your favorite memories from your hometown?  

Growing up was a lot of fun in TX! I moved to LA when I was about to turn 9. My favorite memories are the unique birthday parties my mom and dad would make for me.  One day I had a fashion show party and me and my friends dressed up, did our nails and had a dance party on a runway in my house. Another party was a Michael Jackson party. My parents always made my birthdays so special.  

You starred alongside Timothee Chalamet in the newest Wonka film. Tell us about your character “Noodle” and what you learned as a young actress from this big budget film.  

 Noodle is very observant, strong and smart. She’s been through a lot in her life and is hesitant about if she will ever leave the washhouse. As she gets to know Willy, she starts to trust him and then helps him become the amazing chocolatier.  

Playing Noodle in Wonka has helped me grow as an actress. It’s helped me challenge myself more on set by not being afraid to try new things for my character. Working with so many amazingly talented actors has also helped me by watching them on and off set. I feel so blessed to have been able to have the experience and the opportunity to work on Wonka.  

Bow Dress – Psychedelic Overdose
Pink Platform Shoes – GROUNDS
Socks – F21
Earrings – Stylist Owned 

You recently attended the NAACP Awards where you attended with many of your friends and were nominated for Outstanding Youth Performance. Talk to us about how the day of the awards went and your favorite memory from that day.  

 I had the honor to go to a few events for the NAACP Awards and be listed in a category with other talented actors! A dream! My favorite event was the NAACP Awards live show. I had the chance to be with a lot of my friends. My favorite memory was sitting with them and talking teenager talk. Also, going to the after-party, eating and dancing. It was a lot of fun!  

You’ve accomplished so much at a very young age, what has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your career?  

 Ooh, I would have to say my biggest lesson was learning to trust myself and my talent when I’m on set and auditioning. Not to overthink and be myself.  

Hoodie and skirt – Sara Wong
Jewlery: Shay Jewlery 

Anytime we see you your hair is so beautiful and unique rather it’s an up do, braids or your natural curls. Talk to us about the inspiration for your many hairstyles and what style would you like to try next?   

I love trying new styles. The Wonka press tour gave me the opportunity to try so many different hairstyles and it’s open my eyes to even more possibilities. My inspiration was that I just wanted to try as many styles as I could.  

 So, I would just pick something that I thought would work with my clothes. I’ve tried so many styles up till now, but I know I’d like to try a straight hairstyle. I’ve never tried it before, and it would be fun to experience that. But my go to hairstyle is always my afro. I love that it’s my natural hair and it really is who I am.  

What is your current go-to hair products?   

My go to hair products is Cantu, Mielle, and Shine N’ Jam. Those will get my hair together any day!  

Polkadot Cardigan & Skirt – Annakiki
Pantyhose – Wolford 
Shoes – JONAK
Jewlery – Shay Jewelry 

When you’re not working on focusing on school, what are a few things you do for fun?  

 I love going to gymnastics and writing. I’m writing a TV show now. I also like to create fun choreography dance routines with my sister.  

Your 15th birthday is coming up, do you have any special plans?  

Yes! I can’t wait for my birthday! I have a couple different things I’m thinking about. It may be a dinner with my friends and karaoke. Or renting a party bus!  

Bow Dress – Psychedelic Overdose
Pink Platform Shoes – GROUNDS
Socks – F21
Earrings – Stylist Owned 

What song is currently on repeat in your playlist right now?   

Ok, I have quite a few. It’s so hard to choose one. Any Michael Jackson song. Also, anything’s 90’s. Like SWV, TLC, and Brandy. Also, D4vd and Miles Minnick. And of course, the Wonka Soundtrack! 

What’s your dream role? Is it a horror film, sci-fi and who are you acting alongside with?   

I would love to be in a film with Millie Bobby Brown, China McClain or Tia and Tamara. Love all of them! Being in Wonka was my dream role, but my next would have to be a Clueless movie-style film or an action film. But I love scary and sci-fi also.  

Teddy bear look – Nil & Mon
Pink heels – Sylven New York
Earrings and Bracelet – Sara Wong

What’s next for Calah Lane? Anything you can share exclusively with Galore readers? 

 Well, I may or may not have some music coming out. Shhhh! I’m excited to build more on my musical talent. So, I can’t wait to share more. I also have a few episodes on Disney Jr. Firebuds that is airing now. You can hear me singing Jazzy! 

Hoodie and skirt – Sara Wong
Jewlery: Shay Jewlery 


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