Bunny Zingler Releases Her 3rd Forever 21 x Rolling Loud Capsule Collection

Bunny’s Bae Bar founder and social media star Bunny Zingler teamed up with Forever 21 to welcome Rolling Loud guests to a beauty and fashion oasis on festival grounds. The Forever 21 x Bunny’s Bae Bar on-site festival activation is a one-stop-glam-shop with everything fans at Rolling Loud need to refresh and elevate their festival looks.

Her 3rd Forever 21 x Rolling Loud capsule collection only gets better! For the limited-edition Forever 21 x Rolling Loud California 2024 collection, Bunny drew inspiration from her favorite current trend – motocross. Plus, she’s always thinking about ways to match edgy styling with comfort and functionality for when you’re out on the festival grounds! The eight-piece collection features a racerback tank, sexy corset top, stylish matching hoodie and sweatpants, biker shorts, sport mesh varsity shirt with a colorful flame design (also wearable as a dress), and a trendy oversized twill racer jacket. Sizes range from XS to XL at a price range between $24.99-$99.99. The collection will be available in select Forever 21 California stores, at Forever21.com, the Forever 21 mobile app, and on-site at the Rolling Loud California festival on March 15-17 at Bunny’s Bae Bar.

In a recent interview with Galore, Bunny spills the tea on what Rolling Loud attendees can expect from Bunny’s Bae Bar this year. With the launch of her first cosmetic run for “Loud Bunny Beauty,” featuring the custom-curated “Vol.1” eyeshadow palette and “Bunny Pop Plumper,” Bunny is set to take the glam station to new heights. Complimentary plumper samples and VIP-exclusive eyeshadow and plumper glam sessions are on the agenda, creating an immersive beauty experience. The Bae Bar has evolved into a thriving community, and Bunny reflects on its growth, emphasizing the importance of her fans’ input. As a Taurus with a Gemini Rising and a Scorpio moon, Bunny shares how her zodiac influences her work, creating a constant tug of war within her vibrant and complex personality. Bunny also dishes on her beauty school journey, love languages, Valentine’s Day plans, and her take on growth and self-love. Get ready for Bunny’s exciting 2024, where music might just be on the horizon. Stay tuned!


 Interview by: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

Hi Bunny! It’s a pleasure to reconnect with you on behalf of Galore. Last time we connected you shared your inspiration behind Bunny’s Bae Bar. Can Rolling Loud attendees expect this glam station again this year? 

Rolling Loud attendees can expect a lot from Bunnys Bae Bar this year for both the GA and VIP activation within the shows. EaRolling Loudy February, I launched my first cosmetic run for my brand “Loud Bunny Beauty”. I’ve been custom curating & formulating our “Vol.1” eyeshadow palette and “Bunny Pop Plumper” for 4 years. Both the eyeshadow and lip plumper will be making special appearances in both activations at the show. In GA we’re doing complimentary plumper samples, and in VIP we are doing complimentary eyeshadow and plumper glam along with the already complimentary hairstyling. Not only are both products held and purchasable in Bunnys Bae Bar at Rolling Loud, but it’s also available in select Forever 21 stores around California and on their website. 

I’m so excited for this collaboration with Forever 21 as they are family to me at this point, and I’m so grateful the products will be cared for and supported by their brand. Forever 21 is joining us for the third time within both spaces again for Rolling Loud California 2024. We collaborated on another epic merchandise collection that also dropped last month and it’s a major hit! I’ve had so much fun working and creating with Forever 21, and I’m forever thankful for the amazing opportunity and core memories we’ve created with not only one another but more importantly for others.

How do you feel the Bae Bar has evolved over the years, what’s something you aim to do differently?

Oh my gosh, the Bae Bar has grown so much over the years! I still cannot believe the movement and outstanding vibes we have curated within the space. It’s incredible, and I genuinely couldn’t do it without the fans who attend the show, who constantly and continuously show up and support what I do.

It makes me so happy to see that they appreciate all I do for them. All I ever want to do is make sure that when they come into BBB they’re met with the best and most comfortable experience. It did take some time to get to where BBB is today, but the community we’ve created (myself and the fans with one another) happened fast, and I’m so glad that it did. I’ve learned so much since 2019, between bringing BBB both domestic and international as well as Loud Bunny Beauty. Things are always changing, and I’m always listening to my baes at the bae bar on the topic of doing something differently. I really value their input, and I’m happy with how things are going as of right now. The only thing I’m always looking to bring as far as change is expansion and new products in the future.

In our last interview you shared that your star sign is Taurus with a Gemini Rising and a Scorpio moon. How do you feel your zodiac influences your work and passions?

It influences everything I do massively. I battle with at least all three everyday haha I like to call them my inner power puff girls. I’m a very passionate person when it comes to the things I invest my heart and energy into. I’m a very determined hard worker with a set mind, so there’s really no changing my mind once it’s set, but I’m always open to listening to other perspectives and constantly learning within my realm.  My personality is pretty bubbly and very grounded, but my creative mind is actually more complex, deep, and erratic. I’ve found the most fun thing to do as I got older was truly learn about myself because there are so many levels and quests to unlock just within me. I’d say my big three make a lot of sense for myself, but it’s definitely a constant tug of war within being very open minded, optimistic and creative since that can go so many ways of seeing all possibilities.

You shared you went to Queens Vocational High School, a trade school for cosmetology. What are a few things you learned that shaped your career decisions?

I did go to QVTHS! I love to talk about how I went to this specialized highschool in regards to cosmetology, but funny enough I am a beauty school drop out lol. I ended up leaving that highschool and getting my GED. I’ve been self taught in makeup artistry since I was eight years old. With the privilege of the internet and growing up in an all woman based household, I began learning everything possible at a very young age and am still constantly learning every single day. 

Makeup artistry and the creation of that is genuinely the only thing that I was certain I was into from a very young age. I have to say I owe all my wisdom and knowledge to my own trial and error throughout my life with the huge influence of the women I was raised by, who I was friends with, and my own imagination. I’ve been in the nest with cosmetic formulation for the past 4 years now, and it’s genuinely all so intriguing and interesting. I’m big on spirituality and alignment, so as far as future and past creative decisions, I follow my gut and let my intuition lead me and take every lesson on the way with gratitude.

Valentines is upon us! What are some of your love languages and what are some of your favorite ways to spend the holiday of love?

My love languages for how I show love are definitely acts of service, gifts, and words of affirmation in both terms of expressing love but also being a good listener. I love to help my loved ones or those I care for in any way I can. My perfect Valentine’s Day is a nice meal with my husband where we can get lost in conversation with good food for a few hours and just spend quality time together whether that’s a restaurant or cooking at home. We love to cook together.

What is your personal take on growth and self love?

As a human being, we go through so many different phases in our life with all life has to offer. I would personally say the key to growth is definitely getting out of your comfort zone from time to time to really show yourself your own potential, as well as trusting and believing in who you are. Growth and self love is seeing everyone and everything from all sides and having compassion and empathy towards life. Life is beautiful and what makes life beautiful is the love you give yourself and to others. Be easy and kind with yourself and everyone around you. Our body and consciousness is truly the best gift of all.

What does female empowerment look like to you? 

Community, communication and support. Knowing that we as women are sharing the same human experience on this planet together in the exact same timing is so powerful. Advocating for yourself, as well as the younger and older generations, to uplift each other as a unity. Empowering, inspiring and influencing each-other to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and being outlets for one another to share upon wisdom and knowledge. We must stick together no matter what! We should support each other whether the focus is on career paths, dealing with day to day life, or simply hyping up another woman for the small to big wins. Moving forward as women instead of backwards within society is important. 

What are some recent trends you can’t get enough of?

The color red.  Red is one of my favorite colors but I’ve just been seeing it everywhere and I’m so into it. From clothes to a red lip, embrace the bright and beautiful color. I love that people are bringing more colors into makeup. The pop of color adds so much to the look and shows a sense of personality. The bleached brows are also fun to share a different look while drawing more attention to other features of the face. I will always jump on the fun trends of expression.

It’s crazy to say, but I can’t get enough of low waisted pants. Trends always come back around, and I am here for this one. 

What is your favorite perfume?

Hands down, Coffee Break by Maison Margiela! I cannot leave without spraying this perfume. For a woman like me with so much going on, I stay energized and the coffee scent adds to what I need to keep it going each day. Plus I have to make sure I am smelling good in the Bae Bar!

Do you have a favorite make up brand?

My brand Loud Bunny beauty! I love the products that have been curated and how they look on not all fans of the brand. The colors and textures of the different products make each look pop as they create beautiful beats. I truly believe in my brand and love using the makeup line to capture the message of who I am or what look I am trying to serve that day.

If you could bring any Rolling Loud artist to get glammed up in the Bae Bar, who would you love to see?

I mean, there is only one answer to this question – Nicki Minaj! I’ve always been a Barb and I would pull ALL the stops for the Queen.

I love periodically going on your IG and seeing your latest fashion looks and make up. Since you post infrequently, one can only assume you are working on some amazing projects! What can we expect from Bunny in 2024?

A LOT…maybe even music 


Photography: Savanna Ruedy @savannarruedy

Styling: Branden Ruiz @branden.ruiz

Galore Art Direction: Carlos Graciano @sadpapi666  

 Interview by: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

Galore Senior Editor: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

Editor in Chief: Prince Chenoa @princechenoastudio

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