Britney Spears Is Not a Fan of Ariana Grande’s Impression of Her

There’s nothing we love more than casual shade, because unlike directly shading someone, it takes much more skill.

And Britney Spears appears to have mastered the art.

Queen Brit was recently interviewed by KISS FM UK, and while on the show, a clip from Ariana’s SNL performance way back in March where she impersonates Britney and several other singers was played.

After hearing Ariana attempt to sing “Hit Me Baby One More Time” in Britney’s iconic and breathy voice, she seemed less than impressed, and said: ‘That’s funny. That’s really funny.”

When asked what she really thought about it Britney, casually shades Ariana, saying, “I’ve heard better.”


But I think what’s even more tragic is Ariana’s Rihanna impersonation honestly.

Here’s the clip of Ariana on SNL impersonating everyone from Britney to Celine Dion:

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