New Interview Proves Britney Spears Has Fond Memories of Rolling in the Club

Britney Spears may have moved on from clubbing with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton every night, but don’t worry, bb girl still has fond memories of rolling in the club with her besties.

Early this morning, E! posted a brand new video of Britney answering 9 questions in 42 seconds, talking about everything from the first person she talked to that morning (her assistant), to her first celebrity crush (Brad Pitt because “he’s fucking Brad Pitt”), and most randomly, her favorite word that begins with the letter “e.”

Like a true party girl, Britney instantly responds with, “Ecstasy.”

When asked to explain her choice of words, Britney laughs and replies with what might just be the most appropriate answer she could possibly give in this situation: “Because it’s ecstasy.”

LOL, we feel you girl. Isn’t it fun when Brit Brit lets these glimpses of her personality and interests shine through? Never change, bb.

[H/T E!]

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