If you’re fans of the likes of Kehlani, SZA, and Victoria Monet, you’re going to want to listen to Danni Tesfay’s latest EP.

Introducing London-based R&B talent DANNI TESFAY with her exquisite new single titled BELIEVE IN LOVE. Arriving on November 9 via Platoon, the track comes on the back of Danni’s well-received summer single ‘Hit The Road’, as well as recent support from BBC Radio 1 and Reprezent Radio. Written by Danni and progressive R&B babe Kemi Ade, and produced by Grammy Award-nominated musician Likklejay, who has also worked with Chris Brown, Capella Grey, and Kojey Radical, among others, with Ramera Abraham (Adele, Little Mix, TianaMajor9) engineering the track, ‘Believe In Love’ is an emotionally resonant offering that speaks to the universal apprehension of plunging into the depths of love, with Danni trying to assure her lover that they are safe and secure with her.

Stream “Believe in Love” HERE

Birthed out of Platoon’s latest ‘She Runs The Board’ program and writing camp held in London, where Danni Tesfay connected with producer Likklejay and songwriter Kemi Ade, ‘Believe In Love’ is an exquisite R&B offering driven by captivating guitar arrangements, lush synths, and minimalist drum patterns excellently crafted by Likklejay, over which Danni offers a yielding and enthralling vocal performance. The track is further enriched by some very relatable songwriting from Danni and Kemi Ade.

 Thematically about trying to love someone with deep-seated fears of fully embracing love, the song is Danni’s support for everyone struggling with falling in love and letting go, as she delves into the intricate complexities of love and the reservations that arise from past disappointments.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Believe In Love’, Danni Tesfay says, “The song conveys the message of providing someone who has been let down by love with the assurance that love can indeed be a haven of security. It’s an appeal to trust and let go, to surrender control, and to recognise that love can create a beautiful safe space if they allow themselves to embrace it. This emotional tug-of-war is a familiar struggle between head and heart, and it is something I can certainly relate to. The heart aches to be with someone, but the mind, tainted by past heartbreak, casts doubt on the possibility of love. It’s a universal theme that often leads us to believe that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. However, in this track, I am asking you to explore the alternative perspective – what if it is true, and by fully immersing yourself in the experience or that person, something truly beautiful can emerge?

Recommended if you like the sounds of Kehlani, Victoria Monet, or Kiana Ledé, Danni Tesfay is an exciting new talent that is bringing a breath of fresh air to the UK R&B scene. Acclaimed by industry insiders like Victoria Jane on BBC Radio 1, and Rellik on Reprezent Radio, she stands out as a rising star in a crowded musical landscape. Hailing from Coventry and now thriving in the vibrant heart of London, this British Eritrean songstress is showing that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Drawing inspiration from iconic acts such as Destiny’s Child, Mya, and Cassie, Danni Tesfay seamlessly fuses classic R&B elements with her innovative flair to create mesmerizing soundscapes. Whether you’re in the mood for alluring melodies or poignant ballads, Danni is the artist that will enchant your senses.





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