Brenda Mada’s Top 10 Tips for Throwing a Rager

Throwing the perfect house party is a delicate balance of the right guest list, the perfect playlist, and maybe a dash of your fave substances.

It can be tough to nail! So we talked to Brenda Mada, a rising star from Def Jam Records, about how it’s really done. She did writer her own freaking song about it, after all.

Scroll down to see Brenda’s 10 tips for the best rager, plus the music video for her song, “House Party.”

Straight from Brenda, here are the ingredients for a lit house party.

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1.  A dope location with a killer view and infinity pool

2.  Of course an amazing DJ that plays all genres of music

3.  Salsa and guacamole and lots of chips!

4.  Punch with a kick :- )

5.  Let loose and be yourself 

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6.  Bring a friend and tell a friend to bring a friend

7.  Be a terrific host and make sure all your guests are having a good time

8.  Play games like beer pong or charades 

9.  Inform the neighbors you are having a party so they don’t call the police lol

10.  DANCE the night away!!!

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