The Best Bras for Your Most Naked Summer Shirts

Summer temps are at an all time high, so everyone is dressing as naked as possible to fight off the heat.

The problem most associated with summer style trends is although they won’t have you sweating like a whore in church they are just not practical for bra wearing gals. Here are the best ways to end the summer epidemic of visible ugly bra straps while also not letting your girls down (literally).

1. Halter Hotness

The halter top is a great closet staple for summer, but it’s infamously know to be that one top that you take out to wear and put right back in the drawer because you can’t seem to find a bra for it.

With this look you have the choice to either go completely braless and pray that you don’t get a case of nipplitis (nippilitis {n}: when one’s nipples become rock hard and are persistently visible through one’s top) or you can wear a delicate bra with back detailing to give the top a fresh look .

TopShop Top

FreePeople Bra

2. Baby Get Low

You know those really cute ridiculously low-cut tank tops that you see everyone else pulling off but always felt like you can’t? Well you can, all you need is the right bra. The bra is the key accessory in this outfit, there’s so much opportunity to play with color and style with this look.

Topshop Tank Top 

For Love And Lemons Bra

3. Strapless to Sag-less

You’re probably thinking, what the fuck am I supposed to wear under this backless contraption? When it comes to wearing a strapless top you’re not left with many options to keep shit elevated. Your going to have to go with a strapless bra, fucking duh!

What’s important here is the size and fit of the strapless bra you choose. Anything too tight will have your tits pouring out and that’s never cute. Whereas any bra too big is not going to give you the support you really need and if that’s the case you might as well not be wearing a bra at all.


Aerie Bra

4. All Tied Up 

Ties in the front, ties in the back, ties on the side, before you know it theres going to be ties across your nipples. The lace-up trend is everywhere this season and is likely to follow into fall. If your boobs can handle it, you should go with nipple pasties for this style or if you’re feeling bold enough free the nipples entirely. Bras for show can also come in handy for this look, a delicate lacey bra will add sex appeal without it looking like your bra is accidentally showing.

NastyGal Bodysuit

NastyGal Bathing Suit 

NastyGal Back Laceup Bodysuit

For Love And Lemons Bra

NastyGal Pasties 

5. The Cold Shoulder 

The cold shoulder style is basically the halter top from hell. You need to definitely invest in a cross-back bra for this look. It looks as if you could possibly wear your everyday bra with this style, but most of the time this style is cut super high to the neckline.


Victoria Secret Bra

6. Brush Your Shoulders Off

In this wise words of Jay Z, “Ladies is pimps too, gon’ brush your shoulders off”, but theres nothing sexy when your grandma bra is making a public cameo. The Bardot style top is where it’s at this summer. It’s the perfect top to look sexy and not sweat your balls off. Go with a bandeau for the perfect hidden bra look or show off your straps if they’re fun enough to add to look.

NastyGal Top

Aerie Bandeau

7. Mesh Mami 

Dare to be bold by rocking this sheer trend. Mesh can be super intimidating to pull off, but Kim K isn’t the only one that can make this style hot. When styling a sheer top the bra is literally EVERYTHING. The sexier the bra the better. Definitely go with a neutral toned wired lace bra, if you’re going to be broadcasting your girls like that you might as well go full Pam Anderson.

NastyGal Top


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