Blaise Moore Put Her Ex on Blast Using His Actual Texts

You’ve always heard that singers and songwriters always draw from their real life experiences, but singer Blaise Moore takes it to a new level in her video for her new single, “Friends.”

The tune has sweet minimalistic synths with Blaise’s bluesy and soulful vocals over top, but the most interesting part of the vid is the subtitles — which are real life text messages between Blaise and her ex. “The texts are just kind of me being petty and wanting to put him on blast in a minimal way,” Blaise says.

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Pop culture thrives on i’s obsession with getting a glimpse of being inside any artist’s head, and Blaise definitely opens wide up and lets us know the song was most definitely inspired by what she calls her “second encounter with Laurence.”

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After an eight month break, Blaise tells us she flew back to the UK to see if there was anything still there.

“We had a great night and everything felt back to normal and comfortable like how it was before (we seem to fall into this perfect pretend ‘happy couple’ act when we’re together regardless of the time span),” she said, “but of course he was back to his old ways the next morning once I’d left for Oxford and we didn’t talk the rest of the time I was there.”

Super whomp.

Since most of us have been in that weird purgatory back-and-forth of not knowing wtf is going on with someone we’ve been dating, just know, this song is our f*cking anthem when it comes to being confused when your dude says he just wants to be “friends.”

Check out the music video for “Friends” below and give Blaise a follow on her socials.

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